The Millennial Generation; My Generation

Are you familiar with the millennial generation? Or maybe you ARE one of them.

Otherwise also known as Generation Y, these are the people born between the late 1970s and 2000s. While the term Generation Y sounds a bit sci-fi-ish to me this is my generation and, believe me, we are awesome(!). So, what makes us special or at least different from the previous generation (Generation X)? Well, I have done some research and tried to combine it with my knowledge of myself. Of course, I do not like overgeneralizing things, but there really are certain characteristics that are typical of most people belonging to this generation.

The first thing that I have noticed about the millennial generation is that we hate stereotypes. Yes, we do! Do I necessarily need to visit a bank in order to arrange my financial transactions? Of course, not, for I can have a savings account right on my smartphone and I can withdraw money anytime I want. The same about, let’s say, visiting a cinema; do I really need to wait in a queue to get the tickets? Of course not, for I can get them online. What I am trying to say is that we hate the stereotypes, so we just break them with our devices.

Secondly, we do not understand the reason behind office work. Of course, there are professions that require people to be physically present in their workplace/offices. However, we do not understand why some people would get paid just for visiting their workplace every day. Maybe that’s the reason why people think we are jerks and weirdos who hate face time and small talk. Well, let’s admit it; usually, we really hate small talk especially if it is just a waste of our time.

Another common thing about the millennial generation is that we appreciate non-formal lifelong learning. I do not say we undervalue formal education or diplomas, I rather say we focus on skills more. We love the thrill of new experiences and, of course, we want them to last forever! This urge for something new forces us to experiment and to innovate. Cool, isn’t it?

One final thing that is common for our generation is that we hardly ever find a balance between life and work. We are more the business people type rather than employees since the desire for fulfilling job forces us to become frequent job-hoppers. As a result, we usually find fulfillment in a hobby that becomes a business later on. And then, as soon as we start our own business, we begin viewing it as a part of our life.

With all our good and bad characteristics, the millennial generation is the generation of today. And something makes me believe this generation with its hatred towards stereotypes and its “greenness” is going to be a force for positive change!

Originally published at Looma.

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