This is how we define Culture at Loomly

Mar 20, 2019 · 3 min read

TL;DR: we think of culture as the path we choose to grow our company. Here is the Loomly Culture Code [2019 Deck].

2018 has been an explosive year for Loomly, as we experienced significant growth on many fronts:

  • Revenue grew 600%.
  • Customer base grew 4x.
  • Our team grew from 4 to 10 persons.

This growth induced a lot of changes in the way we work, mainly in the form of new roles, processes and tools.

Interestingly though, one fundamental aspect of our company seems to have remained quite the same: our Culture.

Organization/Team Fit

Cultural consistency may not look like much, but to us, this means that we have been bringing in team members who were able to influence the company in their own way, while adhering to our value system and our vision.

That, in turns, seems like a positive signal that we are on the road to achieving organization/team fit, which matters a great deal, as Jean de La Rochebrochard reminds us in his crisp piece about building the A-Team::

Building the best organization requires before all to hire the right people and where talent comes second, organization/team fit always comes first. […]

It’s obviously true for rookie teams but even the most experienced, talented and genuine individuals can only fit within an organization if its leaders and managers work towards building the right system. […]

Building The Right System

As far as Loomly was concerned, it appeared pretty clearly to Noémie & I that the next logical step in “building the right system” was anything that would help us onboard always more efficiently the extraordinary individuals joining us.

Indeed, when we are that lucky to be surrounded by collaborators who are both talented and driven, the only thing potentially delaying high performance as a team, is our (in)ability to set clear expectations and channel our collective energy in the right direction.

As surprising as it may sound, even when we are all on the same page, it never hurts to make any implicit information as explicit as possible, and define the rules of the road. It just reminds us what we have in common and what we are aiming for. All the more when working in a full-remote setup like ours.


The Loomly Culture Code

Just like our employee handbook clarifies all things administrative, and our wiki’s guidelines streamline project management, the Loomly Culture Code stands out as our fail-safe decision-making framework.

We designed this deck as both an internal and an external document, respectively amplifying cohesion within our team and allowing candidates to determine whether Loomly is the right fit for them.

Here is the Loomly Culture Code:

If the above slideshow does not appear, view it directly on SlideShare.

A Pearl Of Wisdom

Taking the time to document our team culture has been extremely enlightening and there is no doubt this is going to be instrumental moving forward. We can only recommend all teams to go through such a process as early as possible.

In the words of Jason M. Lemkin:

Things you don’t think >really< matter in the early days:
1. culture
2. brand
3. customer visits
4. continuous recruiting

All that matters after $10m ARR:
1. culture
2. brand
3. customer visits
4. continuous recruiting

Feel free to let me know your thoughts on the Loomly Culture Code and, if you think of anyone around you with whom it may resonate, forward it to them 😉


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Brand Success Platform. Made with ❤ in Los Angeles, CA.

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