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young Danny (left) and Richard (right)

“I had my nineteenth birthday crossing the border into Nigeria, “ he recalled. “The border guards all sang me ‘Happy Birthday.’”

NSFW: Brief shots of nudity in the trailer above.

“We were very successful doing that multi -media cabaret twisted show that we ran, and we were offered backing from a major theatrical family to take it on the road. It was what I was working for, but unfortunately at the same time I was losing my inspiration for the show. I was writing this stuff, getting waves of inspiration, but it just wasn’t fitting in.”

“I had no connection with Tim. I had never met him before the interview for he called me for an interview and I didn’t know why. I don’t know how someone could see this rock band [Oingo Boingo] and think, ‘This dude could do my orchestral film score.’ It defies logic, as far as I’m concerned. It’s one of the great mysteries of my life — I would never have had the guts to ask someone with my background to do that job. And when I did it, I fully expected to screw it up.”

NSFW: Brief shots of nudity (exposed breasts) in the video above.




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