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In December 2022 we announced this new initiative, with the intention of recognizing and rewarding those who contribute to the growth of the Loopring L2 ecosystem!

Today we want to expand upon this by making this new initiative an entry point and path to potentially acquiring a part time or full time position on the Loopring team or within the Loopring ecosystem.

One of the most appealing incentives for most people in the crypto space is the chance to potentially work in Web3 at their favorite crypto project.

Today we want to provide a clear path for skilled people from the community to prove their stuff and potentially work up to a full time position with Loopring or within the Loopring ecosystem.

Here’s the path👇

Many of Loopring’s current team members have taken a similar path, starting out being active in the community, getting noticed and eventually joining the Loopring team. You could say that at Loopring, we actually prefer people showing us what they can do and proving themselves within the community rather than showing us a resume.

All you have to do if you want to get started today is to start utilizing your skills by getting involved in the community, whether by building, promoting, creating, etc.

Here is the current defined criteria for each role👇

How to become a L2 Looper

We will look to give out this role to Loopring community members if they are regularly promoting Loopring L2 amongst various social networks including Twitter, Reddit, Instagram etc.

Content should not be spammy and could include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Educational threads or blogs on zkRollups, Loopring Wallet, L2 functionality
  • Highlighting NFT creators or games on Loopring
  • Quality discussions across social media channels to help bring more awareness to other communities about Loopring L2
  • Valuable business development efforts that help promote more building and activity on Loopring L2

Always be sure to follow the community rules within each and every social community when promoting Loopring L2. We will be on a lookout for quality content that helps promote the ecosystem in a healthy way that is easily digestible and educational for all potential consumers.

How to become a Loopring Legend

We will look to promote Loopring Community members to a Legend role if they are developing/building the following on Loopring L2:

  • Tools to help grow the L2 ecosystem
  • Quality games to help promote the adoption of L2
  • Open-source projects that help promote usage of L2

You can read up on the full details of these roles from our previous blog here.

January 2023 winners:

We kicked off this program in December 2022, but we’ve already had many community members who have been active in helping promote and build in the ecosystem before we even began this initiative.

For our January 2023 winners, we’d like to recognize a few of these people and promote them to these new roles.

New Loopring Legends:

Cobmin (@cobmin on Twitter) — for the contribution of Maize, a professional NFT airdrop tool for the Loopring L2 ecosystem

Loopmon (@loopmonnetwork on Twitter) — for their contributions to L2 gaming on Loopring over the past year with the original Loopmon online game as well as their work on the Unity Loopring interface— we look forward to your future releases!

New L2 Loopers:

Cryptonator(@cryptonator_s on Twitter) — for the blogs + twitter threads promoting the adoption of Loopring L2

delta.loopring.eth(@Alex_ADEdge on Twitter) — for contributing our mascot “Loopy” to the community

olistic42(@olistic42 on Twitter) — for contributing a lot of graphic design, animations + help with web design behind the scenes within the Loopring L2 ecosystem over the past years

ShiddyZoo(@LayerRadio on Twitter) — for the ongoing advocacy of the Loopring L2 ecosystem through ongoing Twitter spaces

What is a Loop Intern?

A Loop Intern is a new intermediary role within the Loopring L2 ecosystem. It’s a paid temporary position that could lead to a full-time or part-time role on the Loopring team.

The Loopring team will pick 2–5 interns per year to cover a variety of different skill sets that can help promote the adoption of the Loopring L2 ecosystem. Skill sets we are currently looking for are:

  • crypto twitter / social media content creators
  • graphic/video design specialists
  • blog/twitter thread writers
  • product support specialists
  • Loopring L2 project builders

The Intern role comes along with monthly rewards paid in USDC to your Loopring L2 wallet based on your skill set.

How to become a Loop Intern

Simply apply through our job board portal here.

We welcome all to apply if you think you can make a difference in the Loopring L2 ecosystem, but we will highly prioritize those who prove themselves within the community and acquire an L2 Looper or Legend role in the selection process.

If everything works out and we love what you bring to the ecosystem, Loop Interns can eventually graduate into official part-time or full-time roles on the Loopring team!

— 🙏 —

So get started and get active in the ecosystem today. Show us your skills and you can start working towards a potential career in the crypto world! Let the cream rise to the top 💙

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