GameStop NFT Marketplace, powered by Loopring L2

Adam Browman
Loopring Protocol
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2 min readMar 23, 2022

We’re thrilled to see that the GameStop NFT Marketplace has taken its first steps to welcome users. And it is built atop Loopring!

NFTs are widely becoming a foundational piece for gaming and the coming metaverse. However, developers, gamers, and users continue to get priced out of this new primitive in digital ownership.

In order to return Power to the Players, access needs to be fast, cheap, and secure for the masses. GameStop, in partnership with Loopring, has the opportunity to cement itself at the forefront of this new paradigm and become the destination for global digital economies.

To accomplish this, the new Marketplace built atop Loopring L2, ensures that users receive the strongest digital property rights anchored by a secure, decentralized, and credibly neutral environment like Ethereum. Loopring zkRollup inherits Ethereum’s self-custodial security while abstracting away costly gas-fees, leaving no one priced out.

Users can get early access to, to set up their username and profile, make deposits, and be prepared for the full launch of the official marketplace coming soon.

Loopring has built the rails for creators to deliver high performance applications that rival the speeds and scalability of Web2, while also empowering users to receive provable ownership and control over their assets in Web3. These massive speed improvements and lower costs open up the design space for NFTs and gaming that were recently unimaginable.

We believe that today marks an important inflection point for the entire NFT space, and we are excited to be a part of what’s to come.

As showcased here, you can now mint NFTs directly on Loopring L2 for fractions of the costs of minting on L1 (less than $1) while inheriting Ethereum L1 security.

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