Loophead Drop #3

Adam Browman
Loopring Protocol
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4 min readApr 10, 2022


We have 1000 Loopheads up for grabs in this third Loophead NFT drop. The contest starts on April 15 0:00(UTC) and finishes on May 15 0:00(UTC).

Drop #3 is for the LPs! Users who provide liquidity into any of the following AMM pools will have a chance to win a Loophead NFT:


How to Win your Loophead NFT

There are two ways to win, either via Lucky Draw or by being a Top 50 LP in any of the applicable AMM pools.

1. Lucky Draw

Try your luck as 750 addresses will be selected at random to win.


  • To be eligible for the lucky draw, you must provide liquidity into one of the relevant 5 AMM pools.
  • You can provide any amount of liquidity to the pool but your position must be sustained for at least 20 days of the eligible dates.
  • We take random snapshots of the relevant 5 AMM pools once per day. LP tokens must stay in your Loopring L2 account. If you withdraw LP tokens to the Ethereum, you will not be eligible.
  • Wallet addresses with “dust” remaining of LP tokens (from depositing and withdrawing most of the LP tokens) will not be counted towards the Lucky Draw
  • Addresses can only win one Loophead.

2. Top LPs

We will distribute a Loophead to the top 50 LPs in each pool.


  • We take random snapshots of the relevant AMM pools once per day.
  • To calculate the largest LPs, we take the aggregate sum of your daily LP snapshots, measured in $USD.

That’s it! Layer on up and get ready for another exciting month of Loophead Madness.

But wait. That’s not all….

We’ve got some new Metaverse merch too!

Introducing Loopring NFT Wearables

We’ll be dropping a line of wearables to keep you looking fresh in the ‘verse. To celebrate this launch, 1000 NFT wearables will be up for grabs in a trading contest. This is our first piece, the first of many.

How to Win your Loopring Wearable NFT

Contest eligibility period is between April 15 0:00(UTC) and May 15 0:00(UTC).

  • Be one of 50 addresses with the highest trading volume per trading pair (5 pairs in total, shown above). To calculate the top 50 highest traders per pair, we take the combined sum of AMM and orderbook volume, measured in $USD.
  • Or try your luck as one of 750 addresses selected at random to win. Addresses that make a swap or trade in any of the relevant AMM pools and/or orderbooks will be entered into this Lucky Draw.

There you have it, 1000 Loopheads and 1000 wearables up for grabs in this month-long campaign. You can participate on the Loopring Exchange at loopring.io, and also via the Loopring Wallet mobile app. Happy liquidity providing, swapping, and trading. All fast, gas-free and secured by Ethereum. Thank you for experiencing L2!

More on Eligibility


  • Wallet addresses that have already won a Loophead NFT will be excluded.
  • Addresses can only win one Loophead.
  • For addresses that rank top 50 in multiple pools, we count the top 50 LPs in LRC/ETH first, and then LRC/USDC, ETH/USDC, MANA/USDC and SAND/USDC sequentially.


  • Addresses can only win one Wearable.
  • If one address ranks top 50 in several pairs/pools, it will only receive one Wearable. We count top 50 traders in LRC/ETH first, and then LRC/USDC, ETH/USDC, MANA/USDC and SAND/USDC sequentially.
  • Token values will be calculated based on the token price on CoinMarketCap at the end of the round and will be measured in $USD.

One last extra bonus✨

To kick off this new month long promotion, we are also launching a special two week zero-fee on-ramping promo, along with our fiat on-ramp partner BANXA!

From April 11 0:00(UTC) and to April 25 0:00(UTC) you will also now be able to directly on-ramp fiat to Loopring L2 using our BANXA on-ramps for free*.

Access the BANXA on-ramp through our mobile apps, or through our L2 web app here.

*credit card fees (charged by Visa or Mastercard) may still apply

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