Loopring Bi-Weekly Update — 12/09/2017

Loopring is the protocol for decentralized token exchange

Daniel Wang
Dec 9, 2017 · 3 min read


Protocol Smart Contracts

  • We added a transferable multi-signature smart contract (which is very generic and we welcome other projects to adopt it as well). With this smart contract built into the v1.0.0 final release, the Loopring Protocol is considered more secure than the previous pre-releases.


Loopring.js is the bridge between the smart contracts, the relays, and the wallets. We have migrated to use yarn for dependency management and webpack for building the target. This upgrade reduced library target code from multiple megabytes to 631KB. We also fixed several bugs.

The pre-releases (0.0.x) of looping.js are available on npm. If you want to learn how to integrate with the Loopring Protocol, this library is a good starting point (please do review the source code before using it). We will add more content to this project’s wiki.


  • All JSON RPC is code complete. We have started the integration of the relay, loopring.js, and the Loopr wallet. This ongoing effort will take approximately two to three weeks which we call the internal testing period.


To enhance user experience, Loopr now supports auto-generation of prerequisite transactions (which users have the chance to review and approve/decline). With this feature, submitting orders is more like a single operation and is straightforward.

We also introduced several other enhancements to the wallet, such as allowing hiding of zero-balanced tokens, filtering of tokens and market pairs, and optimization of data loading.

Last week we have also migrated to use the latest npm-published version of loopring.js, the amount of JavaScript code has been reduced by a great deal.

Operation & Marketing

  • 12/01/2017: we have migrated from Slack to RocketChat (we will leave Slack after 12/15/2017).

For more up-to-date information, join us on social media:
⭑ Twitter: https://twitter.com/loopring.org
⭑ Rocket Chat: https://loopring.rocket.chat
⭑ Telegram: https://t.me/loopringfans & https://t.me/loopringinternational

Loopring Protocol

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Loopring Protocol

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