Multi-Wallet Support is Live!

Adam Browman
Loopring Protocol
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3 min readMar 31


The days of restricting yourself to a single wallet within your Loopring app are over. Thanks to the new multi-wallet support, you can now create and manage multiple wallet addresses right from within Loopring’s mobile smart wallet app.

This new functionality offers a range of benefits for users, including the ability to easily cycle through multiple addresses and identities, each one safeguarded by its own guardians set and smart contract.

One of the key advantages of having multi-wallet support is the ability to separate account activities. With this feature, users can keep their gaming, DeFi, and business activities completely separate, making it easier to track transactions and manage finances.

Additionally, maintaining digital pseudonymity is now easier than ever. Users can keep their known and pseudonymized wallets separate, ensuring their digital property, transactional history, and voting remains anonymous if desired.

Create a new Wallet

Creating a new wallet address is a simple process. Simply tap on the ‘Wallet Settings’ icon. From there, you can create a new wallet and customize its security parameters as to your liking. In an upcoming release, you will have the option to personalize your wallet with a unique name and avatar.

Follow this guide for a tutorial on multi-wallet creation.

Recover or Import an Existing Wallet

If you lose your wallet or have your Loopring Wallet on another phone, now you have the option to recover or import an existing wallet directly onto your Loopring app.

Please refer to the following guides for a step-by-step tutorial on how to migrate and recover your existing Loopring Wallets.

Multi-Network Support Coming

With multi-wallet support now available, you can create as many accounts with your smart contract wallet as you desire. And that’s not all — we have just introduced the first phase of our multi-network support by adding Taiko testnet. We’re continuously working to improve your experience, and plan to include more networks in the future.

About Loopring

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