Red Packets 2.0: Taking NFTs Mainstream

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A red packet, also known as a “red envelope,” is a traditional Chinese monetary gift that is usually given during holidays or special occasions. The red color of the envelope symbolizes good luck, and the money inside the red packet is a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. In early 2021, Loopring took this idea and expanded upon it; instead of placing physical cash inside, we enabled our users to share ERC-20 tokens. Now in 2023, we are taking this one step further by allowing users to gift NFTs (ERC-1155).

Creating NFT Red Packets

Users of the Loopring Wallet will feel right at home when preparing to share the new NFT red packets. Similar to sending standard ERC-20 tokens, you can send and receive red packets to anyone with a Loopring L2 account via a custom QR code. You can also specify the NFT, how many editions to send, and the number of recipients.

This means airdrops, games, ticketing providers, and others will be able to distribute 1 million+ NFTs for just a few cents. Recipients will have up to three (3) days after the Red Packet expires to claim their NFT for a small fee. After that time, any unclaimed NFTs will be automatically returned to the Sender.

Blind Box Red Packets

We are thrilled to present Blind Box Red Packets, an innovative and exciting variation of the traditional Red Packet. With this blind distribution, you can generate even more excitement and anticipation among recipients. Each recipient must wait until the specified time to reveal the contents of their Red Packet. Some packets will contain an NFT gift, while others will be empty.

Blind Box Red Packets are the perfect fit for giveaways that involve an element of chance. Everyone loves the feeling of anticipation and the opportunity to win a fun and potentially valuable NFT. A bit of randomness and luck are a nice break from everyday routine and allow you to enjoy the moment.

They also provide a new and innovative method for distributing airdrops to random addresses. Simply create a Blind Box Red Packet for just pennies, allowing thousands of people to scan the QR code and have a chance to receive your NFT. This is a fraction of the cost than traditional methods, while providing a fun and interactive way to engage with your community.

We look forward to seeing what types of events and giveaways the L2 community comes up with!

Red Packets on the Web

Along with this release, we’re also enabling full support for Red Packets on! That means you can create and receive Red Packets whether or not you have a Loopring Wallet or are using an EOA with an activated Loopring L2 account. When receiving a Private Red Packet, simply import the QR code and open.

We’re really excited to see how the community leverages this new feature to enhance both social and gaming experiences. A few use cases that come to mind:

Personalized POAP-like Experience: Reward your participation in ETH events, concerts, meetups, and metaverse events with NFTs.

Innovative Gaming Experience: Immerse yourself in hours of puzzle-solving or leveling up in a game and receive NFTs as a reward for your efforts. Game developers now have the tools to seamlessly reward their users with unique and collectible assets.

On-chain Treasure Hunt: Take your gaming experience where NFTs can be used as a foundational piece for treasure hunt items in alternate reality games (ARGs). QR codes can be hidden in unexpected places, such as secret rooms in the metaverse or physical locations in the real world.

We believe this technology will be a pivotal aspect of web3 gaming and can’t wait to see how developers and builders will use it to create innovative and engaging experiences.

NFT Red Packet Scavenger Hunt

To coincide with the launch of our NFT Red Packets, we’re announcing an online scavenger hunt. Hidden in various locations are 5 distinctive NFTs, each with its own unique QR code. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey with our NFT Red Packet scavenger hunt!

For Loopring Smart Wallet users, simply scan the QR codes. For EOA wallets, please take screenshots of the QR codes and import them on

Riddle Time

In a world full of art where treasures untold
Are purchased and sold with digital gold
Amidst a horde of thousands there,
Find the one that’s rare and fair.
Traits of Victor, Sherlock’s friend,
Enter his mind and secrets you’ll end.

A winged enigma, with tunes so sweet,
In cyberspace, where minds and secrets meet.
As darkness falls, a tale of twins unfurls;
A stealthy feline guest, from hidden worlds.
To quench its cravings, a cryptic clue,
A luminous nectar, where aToms danCe and brew.

We’re a crew always seeking to challenge your minds
With conundrums of all different kinds
Curious and smart
With plenty of heart
We love seeing you share all your finds

In the world of art and digital space,
A tool for creators to find their place,
Gramineae man at the helm, for the greater good,
Create, trade, prosper — as we all should.

Amidst the endless blocky chain,
A tool exists to ease the strain.
Explore with care, don’t act too bold,
Go where the young’s entangled with the old.
The past wrapped in layers, the present is shared,
Put one and one together, reveal their affair…

These riddles point to various locations in the Loopring ecosystem. Solve 'em, scan 'em, collect 'em all. Join our Discord community to collaborate on discovering the treasures.

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