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More than 100 years ago, some guy formulated a theory around evolution, which suggested that the species who survive are neither the fastest, nor the smartest, but the ones that have the ability to adapt to change. Yes, we do admire Charles Darwin -and in some 2020 kind of way agree- so we’ll reference this famous statement to make a point today.

If we adapt it a little bit -following the theory itself- to the technological world we live in, where software has emerged as one of the strongest industries, we would describe evolution slightly different:

“In an era full…

The word “diversity” should be worthy of not being mentioned. This is the first sentence that came up when we kickstarted a series of meetings with our Head of Talent Sofia Torres to discuss diversity in our workplace. These bi-weekly meetings have unveiled valuable insights about our working environment and what we are doing to keep building an inclusive culture at LoopStudio. It made us aware of the fact that we still have a long way to go. That diversity must be nurtured every day and at many levels. …

Onboarding is the perfect opportunity for capturing our new employees’ hearts and minds. Don’t waste it.

Chances are that when starting a new job, we’ll experience all sorts of emotions: enthusiasm, excitement, and nervousness at the same time. Most likely, we can all relate somewhat to this, and one way or another, the onboarding process will help us calm those emotions while assisting us in learning our way around the company.

But first, what exactly do we expect from an onboarding program? According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM):

“New employee onboarding is the process of integrating a new employee with a company and its culture, as well as getting a new hire the…

Our guide to successfully sail through this outsourcing universe

The scenario is not uncommon — you, a talented developer, are assigned a quest to temporarily join and help an external company grow. This growth might be in terms of organization, process, product quality, productivity or all of the above, but it boils down to something really simple: people want their product to take shape. And quickly.

You are already part of a company that has its own set of values, its own successful ways of performing and, in that capacity, you are your company’s ambassador; you want to advocate for a way of working that aligns with your company’s…

We just received exciting news here at LoopStudio! Clutch analyst Austin Ellis just called our founder to let us know that Loop Studio is again listed as one of Uruguay’s top custom software development firms! Development is more important than ever for businesses to stay on top of trends. That is why we’re thrilled that Clutch labeled us as one of the top custom software development firms for 2020!

Clutch is the world’s leading source for B2B ratings and reviews. Featuring the top providers across an array of B2B segments, Clutch has the resources for you as you seek to…

Learn before launching. The Design Sprint’s iteration cycle.
Learn before launching. The Design Sprint’s iteration cycle.
Source: LoopStudio archive.

The current pandemic has put numerous businesses against the ropes, pushing them to reinvent in pursuit of survival. COVID-19 has challenged where and how companies work, how they engage with customers, and even the customers’ purchasing behaviors. Consequently, many of these companies, from diverse industries, have “turned to practices commonly associated with agile teams in the hope of adapting more quickly to changing business priorities.” Agile, once a software project management tool, is gaining traction across traditional industries that require innovative solutions, increasing their adaptability, and continuous learning.

This post focuses on the Design Sprint, a proven Design Thinking method…

Photo by Massimo Sartirana from Unsplash

Developers are known to be somewhat imprecise when answering the question “are you done with this feature?”. To be fair, it is an ambiguous question. What a developer first thinks of is “are you done programming?”, when in fact what the question actually means is “how long will it take until it is available for the users?”. This involves other tasks like testing, refactoring, reviewing, deploying, documenting… Here is where the Definition of Done comes into play.

As described by the Agile community, the Definition of Done is an agreed-upon list of the activities necessary to get a product increment…

How boilerplates add value and why we choose them

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Every software development studio should be readily equipped with a tailored boilerplate for each of the technologies they provide services for.

This is a bold statement, but one which we live by.

Imagine this: your team is kicking off a brand-new project. You have to estimate requirements, weigh in resources, and so on. Are you including here the time it takes to simply start from scratch? The setup, configuration, scaffolding and implementation of the most basic features? What if you needn’t include this? Can you visualize all the emerging advantages?

A boilerplate basically refers to any code that needs to…

Source: Unsplash

For the past few weeks, my feed has been flooded with posts from all major news sites covering Uruguay’s success in curbing the spread of COVID-19.

This small country -known so far for its outstanding football players and accomplishments, meat, and mate- has been recognized by Google and Apple for its innovative strategic approach during the current pandemic and the success of the Coronavirus UY app. Such recognitions add to a long list that includes Harvard and Stanford universities, and other tech giants like Microsoft and IBM, who have had large operations in Uruguay for decades now.

I will not…

Source: LoopStudio archive

If you want to get some furniture custom-made for you, you just need to walk into a woodshop with a drawing of exactly what you want and when you go back in a month you can take it home. That’s it.

But when it comes to building software, things are not as simple. So, why do most people get the wrong impression?

Let’s first understand that names matter and so do definitions. They trigger judgments and define expectations. And there is a dangerous misconception around software, that can be summed up by the use of the term “Software FACTORY”.


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