Want to be smart? Use these 12 Corporate Buzzwords as often as possible

Correlation does not imply causation. Except here. Here it totally does.

Diversity — Our single writer is part Irish, Polish, and English. Diversity? Yea, I think we’ve got it covered.

Low Hanging Fruit — Here at Loose Cannon, we pick low hanging fruit almost exclusively. All that high hanging fruit is for the birds. Literally.

Synergy — Is it possible to have too much synergy, if so we are dangerously close.

Unpack — I travel light.

EOD (End of Day) — Business never sleeps, so this one doesn’t make much sense to me, nor will it make sense to any future Loose Cannon writers. You’ve been warned.

High Level — I can’t find what I’m looking for up here.

Deep Dive —Is this safe from the high level we are currently at?

Value Add — Is now the time to promote our fee-for-service publishing model?

Action Items — Inaction is the cousin of complacency, so we’re happy to announce we’re on top of this one.

Snackable Content — Is our free, office Pirate’s Booty not enough?

Pain Points — Ouch.

Millennials — We don’t know how to handle these rapscallions either, but we are following the best advice we have received thus far and have an office full of tasty snacks, ping pong tables, and exposed brick.

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