5 reasons why Azimo is the best company in FinTech to work for

Mr Binks, the office dog, has his own emoji

What we do matters:

Azimo makes a difference to people’s lives. For more than a century, money transfer was owned by a cabal of self-interested companies that charged exorbitant fees and put profits over people. We’re smashing that model and using technology to hand control back to the people that need our service most. That’s a pretty great reason to go to work in the morning.

We’re empowered to do our jobs:

Anyone who has worked at a big corporation knows that 90% of the job is politics and bullshit. People guard their little corner of the business with the aggression of a maternal gorilla, yet simultaneously cut corners, blame others for their mistakes and then head home on the stroke of 5. At Azimo we listen to each other and we make the best of everyone’s talents. Big egos and the blame game aren’t tolerated — because none of us is as smart of all of us.

We have an incredible team:

The people here are truly amazing. When we hire, we’re not just looking for a great talent in their field (though we’re totally looking for that too). We’re looking for empathy, kindness, a generous spirit and a sense of humour. We want to work with people who care and have a constant desire to learn and improve. We’re also looking for someone that we can learn from. Does that sound like you?

We have a great office:

While you shouldn’t join a company for the perks, ours are pretty great. As well as a bar stocked with great beers, gin and wine, we have a comfortable office set across three floors and a roof terrace in the heart of Islington, and a takeout lunch every Thursday. Our Polish office in the heart of the beautiful city of Krakow has a huge, WiFi-enabled garden for those hot summer afternoons. Oh, yea, we also have bean bags, table football and a ping pong table. Does that tick off most of the tech startup clichés? At least nobody here drinks Soylent…

Our office mascot is an awesome dog:

Seriously. He’s got his own Slack emoji and everything. You have to meet Mr Binks. Apply now.

Mr Binks