Lily Quinn #3: The Beast Within (18+)

Chapter 9

Three days later, I knocked on Max’s apartment door. There had been plenty of time to recover from my sup­ernatural fuck-fest with Dominic, but I still felt like I was walking funny. I juggled the pink bakery boxes to my other arm and was digging through my pocket for the key when the door swung open. Max’s eyes widened and he pulled me into a tight hug.

“Lil!” he said. “I’m glad you’re alright. I was so worried. Did you get your guy?”

“We got him.”

“We?” Max asked.

He let go and gestured me inside. I set the boxes down on his coffee table and dropped onto his threadbare couch. Max sat next to me.

“Stefano and I took him on together,” I said. “I fucked Dominic until Stefano could finish his spell. It was close, though. I told him that if we ever have to do this again, we’re switching jobs.”

Max chuckled. “Dominic? That’s the werewolf’s name?”

“Yeah. Stefano teleported Dominic off to a secure cage somewhere at the College and the High Magus is working to lift the werewolf curse. It’s a long and complicated spell, and the College is really curious how Dominic got cursed in the first place… But he’s going to be okay.”

“Will Dominic remember any of this?” Max asked.

“Some. He doesn’t remember what happened while he was transformed,” I said, repeating what Stefano had told me. “But the College can’t do much about the memories that remain. The de­monic nature of the werewolf curse makes Dominic more or less immune to memory charms.”

“Just like you,” Max said with a nod. “What are they going to do once he’s cured?”

“Keep an eye on him. Hopefully, Dominic will understand the importance of keeping the secret.” I sat back and laced my fingers behind my head, staring up at the ceiling. “Stefano and I split the bounty, minus cleanup fees. He really earned it. The wizards can do some truly amazing stuff.”

“Well, it is magic.”

“So is what I do,” I said. “But that was… something else.”

Max squeezed my knee. He was a warm, comfortable weight beside me on the couch. Max didn’t understand, not truly. But he was good at listening.

We sat in silence for a few minutes. Finally, Max leaned forward and nudged the pink boxes on his scuffed old coffee table. The smells of fresh dough and hot sugar filled his tiny apartment.

“So what’s this?” he asked.

“Donuts. I wanted to thank you and the GTA guys for taking care of my car. But when I showed up, they said you were gone.”

Max’s face turned red and he ran his knuckles along one cheek. “Yeah… That’s what Sam wanted to talk to me about. When I left with you the other day, I was sort of in the middle of pulling a transmission for a client.”

“So?” I asked. I remembered what had to be dozens of visits I had paid to Max at work. “You said it would be fine. We do it all the time.”

Max shook his head. “I guess that was the last time, though. Sam finally fired me.”

“What? That sucks,” I objected. “Want me to talk to Sam? I’m sure I could convince him to change his mind.”

“No. It’s okay, Lil. This would only happen again. I doubt Sam will ever think me being your booty call is more important than his business.”

“Only because Sam doesn’t know how fine the booty is,” I said, then sighed. “He has no idea how much you’ve done for me.”

“And we can’t exactly tell him.”

“I could give you some money,” I suggested. “Just until you get back on your feet. I mean, you earned it almost as much as Stefano did.”

“No way, Lil.”

I knew Max would say that. He always did. So I put an arm around Max’s shoulders and kissed the angle of his jaw.

“Well, you’ll figure something out, a smart boy like you,” I said. “You’d make a great porn star, you know. And in the meantime, I brought two dozen donuts to share with the garage, but fuck those guys. Let’s get sick on way too much sugar and watch bad movies.”

Max laughed and grabbed the remote, but by the time the television flickered on, I had already forgotten about movies and donuts. My gaze slid from the television to Max’s profile and then down to his lap. There were other ways to cheer up my best friend.

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