Loose Words
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Loose Words

Free verse and a benign brain tumor

Am in Me

beyond some lipoma

Benign brain tumor, lipoma, MRI of the poet, edited with Bazaart. This lipoma, combined with resulting autonomic flares from #Dysautonomia, makes it difficult at times for this poet to write.

broken in stalemate
rouse lackluster
globule that exudes
cells pooled to burst
a lump curves treading
retraction of words




A poetry publication brought to you by Assemblage to capture all of your disconnected thoughts and let them find their form.

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Dionne Charlet

Dionne Charlet

Contemporary poet. Dysautonomia may ravage my mind and body, but no illness can mute my ear for words. Imagery is my Kung Fu. Thank you for reading! #SheWrote

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