Be An Apprentice

A poem on receiving life lessons from Nature, Love and Light.

Deborah McNamara
Loose Words
2 min readApr 25, 2024


(Image: SusanNP on Pixabay)

From long ago
there is an Irish story
of Ceridwen’s cauldron,
vessel of wisdom
and inspiration:
with only three drops
needed for self- transformation.

What drops are needed today?


Be an apprentice
to each of these things.
Sit here
by life’s fire
seek the insights
commuted by each one
and learn to be a shapeshifter,
just as in stories of old:
stretching into a new skin—
the most integrated
you have to offer.

Find the moments
to fill the cup
with silence,
tend to the play
of light
to see
the fresh, earthy air
a balm
with rising moon
threading orange
on the horizon.


Be an apprentice,
submitting yourself
to receive the transmission
coming to know
the contours
of feeling and the way
the land too can stir
along with passage of time:
its meandering work
on the soul —
just as water
shapes the canyon,
so too the outlines
of heart
and mind
a mystery
across a lifetime.

And when greeting
the texture of darkness,
hollow at the base
where the curve runs black
become curious here
diving deep to bottom
of life’s brew
a pocket where light struggles
to brush its shape
and color.
Let time breathe
here too
sending wind and whisper
into a future
pattern only visible
after journey’s pause.



Deborah McNamara
Loose Words

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