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Loose Words

Go Now to the Places Coming in Dreams

A poem on pausing, and creating space to receive revelation.

(Image: Kordi Vahle, Pixabay)

When holding too fast
to a vision undone,
let what needs to be set free
drift like sand in surf
with a tide.

Stand here, in this liminal space
blend with the edges
holding self and others
just as we are —
not wanting for more.

Gather what is here,
in front of you now.
Interrupt the motion
of routine
at least for a moment
in order to fully receive.

In this pause,
go now to the places
coming in dreams.
Close your eyes,
cup earth and sky —
present and wakeful
silently journeying
in and out of each center.

Again and again:
ebb and flow,
a sea change.
Let what needs to be set free
drift like sand in surf
with a tide…

Make this your path of truth.
Loosen all that is
wedged in shadow.
Let go.
Open this heart door —
here, find
shaft of revelation.




A poetry publication brought to you by Assemblage to capture all of your disconnected thoughts and let them find their form.

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Deborah McNamara

Deborah McNamara

Sustainability & Climate Activist. Yoga Teacher. Author, Invitation of Motherhood: Uncovering the Spiritual Lessons of Parenting. More: www.debmcnamara.com

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