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This is an email from Loose Words Letter, a newsletter by Loose Words.

Loose Words Letter #24

Words as Dangling Participles

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Welcome to the weekly newsletter from Loose Words. These letters go out every Thursday and highlight many of our published poems from the past week. We hope that these poems find you thinking wilder thoughts, unusual ones. Outside-the-box, inside your mind, and onto the page.

“Words ought to be a little wild, for they are the assaults of thoughts on the unthinking.” — John Maynard Keynes

These letters are an opportunity for an awakening. Something to bump you out of the everyday monotony of life. Smelling salts for the mind. We’ve been sleeping too long. Let’s start waking up. We post a few lines from each featured poem to give you a preview, but we encourage you to read on (all friend links so anyone can read them). A one-minute read could change your day.

Featured Poet

Each week we feature one of our contributing poets at Loose Words on our homepage and in this letter. This week it is Lark Morrigan. Lark is a poet, writer, and music lover seeking simplicity, healing, and truth. She has published 12 poems at Loose Words in 2020. Read 6 of them on our homepage this week.

Featured Poet: Lark Morrigan


Nine weeks ago we introduced Collections to Loose Words. Collections are groupings of poems with an overall theme. You can find Collections on the home page underneath Featured Poems, the Guide To Publishing Poetry on Medium, and the Featured Poet section. We have released On Love, On Mental Health, 40 Fans, On Mindfulness, Unknown, On Time, Narrative, Micro, On Life, and this week we released Free Verse. P.S. — All of our collections are great, but this one is really exceptional.

Free Verse features 12 poems, each from different poets classified as free verse poetry. Free Verse is free from the limitation of regular meter or rhythm and does not rhyme with fixed forms, yet still provides an avenue for artistic expression. This section is a great way to get acquainted with multiple works around one theme, as well as to find poets you haven’t read before or ones you shouldn’t miss. Take a look at our Collection this week and see what you’ve missed.

Free Verse features loose words from Indira Reddy, Tre L. Loadholt, Wild Flower, Elizabeth Helmich, Dionne Charlet, Jennifer Cowie King, Carolyn Riker, Dennett, Ravyne Hawke, Ioana Andrei, Sarah E Sturgis, and Estrella Ramirez.

Collection: Free Verse

Loose Words From Last Week

I Birthed A Shadow by Cat Hollyerher debut in Loose Words

“I birthed a shadow
of my own flaws
who locked me in darkness,
eclipsing the truth.”

Somebody by Ioana Andrei

“somebody you used to share secrets with
when no one else was trustworthy
when no one else had a bottomless pocket
you could store your penny for your thoughts in”

The End of the World by Jay Sizemore

“and I’ll realize that the end of the world
is an empty swing set,
chains tangled
in the wind of a storm.”

Time To Awake by Bradley J Nordell

“We are just a story
a tragedy of another song
in a locked box, you flung it
drifting to the bottom”

Dissociated by Lark Morrigan

from who she was, who she is,
and reality,
she surrenders her whole self —
out of fear of losing it.”

Dry by Jessica Lee McMillan

“lush dwindled pale
the new landscape is
chafing the pastoral”

Stockholm Letters: II by Aspen Blue

“My gaolers have turned to torture
jangling taunts of flying free
working me to brittle bones
under weights of vile whimsy”

Eons Shift by Lisa Alletson

“You stretch
across bare red rock

Your palms, open
Raw mountains in my hands”

this is my America by Deb Ewing

“I can’t tell this love story
of absent fathers and shallow pantries
motel room dresser bassinets
couch-surfing, kitchen-swabbing
learning to cook in someone else’s galley”

Neglect Me by Jonathan Greene

“Neglect me
so I don’t neglect you
my heart, a worn-down jalopy
and you the mechanic of my dreams
except I’ve hidden all of your tools to be safe”

Organic Magic by Connie Song

“beating against four walls,
closing in on a messianic clay pot of herbal brew,
as if it alone contained some organic magic,
that could reverse the insanity.”

Pour me out by Madeleine Anne Bognar

“Maybe I shouldn’t say anything at all.
That way no one can tell me again
That the glass is cracking
My fluids spilling out”

It Was Only A Fad by Mary Jones

“They sit on their high horse and judge me
Riding away like they have the power
Though, their mouth tastes sour
And now I devour their hate,”

Pandemic Grocery List by Jennifer Cowie King (curated)

“my shopping list long with food that promises
something, anything… a wishful manifesto to
soothe this constant roil of anxiety”

Photo by Dustin Tramel on Unsplash

Weekly Quote

“For me writing is that place where I can escape; it’s where I let my thoughts run wild.” — Ella Henderson

Let your thoughts run wild this week and try to capture all of the loose words.



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