Musings on the Night Sky

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Amisha Singh
Loose Words
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1 min readJun 26, 2020


Courtesy of Ashwini Chaudhary.

A silent dreary night.
My eyes behold the sky,
Washed a dark blue.
The glowing crescent,
Of the moon.
Reflecting in my eyes.
The grey,
Clouding what lies beyond,
A world of its own.
Unheard, unseen,
A realm of the heavenly.
A star appears,
And then one more.
Twinkling as if in glee.
Little speckles of light,
Like windows to paradise.
I stand still,
Taking this beauty in.
Lucid yet surreal,
As I gaze,
Into the endless amounts of space.
Filled with mysteries,
An ever-changing canvas,
For the world to see.
The night sky,
A reminder of what’s unknown.
Of hope.
That to existence,
There’s so much more.

by Amisha Singh | instagram: amixhaa

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Amisha Singh
Loose Words

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