Loose Words
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Loose Words

The Vast Horizons I Can’t See

A Poem

The vast horizons I can’t see
are a perplexing mix of fantasy
and subjective reality thwarting
the day-to-day operation of self
A mechanically disinclined robot
looking for someone to reboot him
and start all over from scratch
but with his kids, and his dog,
and his sister, and stepbrother,
and a lot of his friends,
even though he doesn’t see them
because the world is currently
birdshit on a car…



A poetry publication brought to you by Assemblage to capture all of your disconnected thoughts and let them find their form.

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Jonathan Greene

Father, poet, writer, real estate investor/team leader, certified life coach, sociable introvert. Curating a meaningful life. IG: trustgreene | trustgreene.com