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Loose Words

When Encountering a Blind Spot

A poem on working with shadow, seeing beyond our own perspectives, and moving into where we most need to grow.

(Image: JPlenio on Pixabay)

When encountering a blind spot:
go slowly here
so as not to miss
true gift of peering
into what is not yet seen.

Inner world and outer:
discerning what is our own
free of shadow
and projection,
unbound by habit
and conditioning,
land then beyond
what has been eclipsed.

What shapes recur
over and over
in days and relationships
calling us to take note?
Each thing’s deepest desire:
to be recognized,
seen in wholeness.
The most important:
being mirror
holding looking glass
willing to receive
patterns reflected
like ripples through air.

What lies beneath?
Let this always be in question.
And beyond:
that field of Rumi,
past right and wrong
a place of horizon
and heart
mind finally resting now
ready to perceive
spaces beyond words.

There is no fighting here —
instead taste of limitless
broadest view
in all directions.
Here: no gaslighting or defense,
only holding infinity
beyond judgment
absorbing each complex nuance
even the painful.

When encountering a blind spot:
hold each thing
in light.
Coax dark marks
trailing within us all.
These places need soothing,
the balm of self-love
extended outwards
into world desperately atrophied,
too often choosing familiar
comfortable view,
the one not transforming
the one without roots.

Meet self and other here instead:
see now beyond own perspective
ego suspended,
origins in empathy
dancing with the places
we have yet to grow into.



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