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Loose Words

When Something Needs to Be Realized

A poem on being available to — and not missing — inspiration.

(Image: Octavy on Pixabay)

When something needs to be realized,
let it come like flash of light
from a hidden star,
or a letter forming
sailing on wind
catching unspoken
circle of moon -
always there but not always
felt or seen.

Reach your hand to grasp it now,
don’t let it slip by you
quietly leading astray…

Let it be like writing a letter
not even to any one person,
a stroke of pen to fill a page
where nothing has yet been written.

It is all right there
and rounded,
the sentiment forms
drawing in from a place
far away but
coming near.

Coax these whispers
into open-air,
fan churning
while milky way swirls
make this a phone call with eternity
and do it now.




A poetry publication brought to you by Assemblage to capture all of your disconnected thoughts and let them find their form.

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Deborah McNamara

Deborah McNamara

Sustainability & Climate Activist. Yoga Teacher. Author, Invitation of Motherhood: Uncovering the Spiritual Lessons of Parenting. More: www.debmcnamara.com

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