Loose Words
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Loose Words

Widen Your Relationship with Light

A poem on giving and receiving the gift of brightness.

(Image: JPlenio, Pixabay)

What is your relationship with light?
Have you bathed sufficiently
in heat and brightness?
Baring skin
breathing through pores —
delicious illumination
like no other.

It matters not
what season you find yourself in.
Here, receive:
skin mixing with the luminous
Sun’s touch pervades
each time reminder
of where we come from
long ago.

We are a long way
from fiery origins.
This body:
ancestor to stars
attracted by gravity
coalescing form
with emptiness,
vast spaces
and within.

Travel in time
deep silence
in dark quiet
drink in elixir —
shedding light
with your own awareness too.

Be worthy of this precious blaze.
Give away your own brightness too —
wide like wind,
eyes mixed
with shimmering leaves
hanging in balance
awaiting next life.

Be here to experience
beauty at every stage,
golden now
galaxy of stars and self
in all directions.



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