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Lootex Launchpad — The Killbox Special Edition NFT

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Lootex marketplace is releasing limited edition Killbox NFT guns that can only be acquired through minting in Lootex Launchpad. Official launch will be on March 16, 2022. 05:00 UTC. There will be a total of 500 NFTs available for minting.

The number of T1~T4 blind boxes in Lootex Launchpad will be distributed as follows:

  • T1 Blind Box: 450 (Lootex Skin)
  • T2 Blind Box: 30 (Blue Skin)
  • T3 Blind Box: 15 (Lightning Skin)
  • T4 Blind Box: 5 (Golden Skin)

Mint Price: 0.15 BNB
You can mint up to 20 per mint at a time

T1 — Special Edition with Lootex Skin

A brief introduction to the level system of NFT Weapon:

  • TKB NFT Weapon is divided into T0 to T6 from bottom to top, a total of 7 levels
  • Each level has a corresponding Skin unique to the level.

Each gun has a different Hash value:

  • The higher the Hash value the faster the mining speed after staking
  • 1 hash rate can mine 70 KBOX every day during the Genesis Period at the total amount of 300 Million KBOX.
  • The higher Hash rate, the more mining rewards you will be able to claim every day.

T4-T6 of weapon has its own sub-leveling system

  • You can upgrade your NFT guns and the hash rate will be increased accordingly, generating more KBOX for the NFT owners. The actual upgrading rules will be specified later by TKB team.

So how do players get NFT Weapons?

Method 1: From the official direct sale of NFT blind box minting event
The upcoming chance to mint a TKB blind box will be exclusive only on Lootex Launchpad!

In this TKB blind box event releasing from Lootex Launchpad’s, T1~T4 level of weapon will be included.

Method 2: Buy directly on the secondary market

Method 3: Join the Lootex x The Killbox Community Gleam Campaign
Starting March 12, 2022. 00:00 UTC, we will make the gleam competition open to the public. This is to celebrate the upcoming launch of TKB on the Lootex Launchpad, we have prepared a series of community events to draw a total of 20 NFT weapon blind boxes (AMA and gleam competition included)!

Click the links below to participate:
Gleam Competition (10NFTs) → https://lihi1.cc/EQe8Q (End date: March 20, 2022. 14:00)
The Killbox AMA (5NFTs)→ https://lihi1.cc/4BSOC (March 15, 2022. 10:00UTC)
Remaining 5 NFTs → TBA

For more information on TheKillbox, please check out this in-depth article: https://medium.com/lootex/the-killbox-aquarius-everything-you-need-to-know-cef770f9f0c

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