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Lootex PRESENTS: Breeze Night Metaverse Fashion Show Debut

Lootex was invited by OneOffs to co-curate the first “Fashion in the Metaverse” on Breeze Night, creating a journey of fashion x art metaverse. It’s a combination of digital NFT art and physical display, which will be held from May 5th to 8th at the Breeze Center Fuxing. The event is open to the public, to experience the first Metaverse fashion show in Taiwan.

Store preview: https://lootex.io/stores/lootex-fashion-in-the-metaverse

The Sandbox artists and game art designers were invited to design a futuristic sci-fi fashion catwalk with the avatars created in voxels. Each avatar will be casted into a limited-edition NFT and put on the Lootex website for sale.

Left to right: created by An An, BeryllChen, Carina.

Lootex invited a total of 5 members of The Sandbox Creator Foundation and 1 game art designer to participate in the creation:

3D animator An An, who has participated in the special effects production of many large-scale concerts and movies.

BeryllChen started Voxel creation in 2021 and won The Sandbox creation competition championship in the same year.

Carina has worked in mobile game art design and is currently focusing on the creation of The Sandbox game objects.

Left to right: created by Nest, Nora C., TongYangChicken.

Nest is a senior computer effects artist with over 30 film special effects production experiences.

Nora C. is a new game artist for the Metaverse and has designed The Sandbox game rig for Lootex.

TongYangChicken used to be a professional jewelry weaver and one of the winners of the 2021 The Sandbox Game Jam design competition.

All of the artists’ works will be released as NFTs and will be available for sale on the Lootex website at the same time as the Breeze Night event on May 5th. The avatars from this collection were all built with The Sandbox’s VoxEdit. Lootex had a long partnership with The Sandbox. In April this year, it was officially announced that The Sandbox COO and co-founder Sebastien Borge is a firm believer in Lootex and will continue leading as an advisor and investor of Lootex.

Please see more runway show video here:

Teaser video of the Breeze Night Metaverse Fashion Show

OneOffs x BREEZE [Made in Metaverse] NFT ART EXHIBITION-

Event Dates:
May 5, 11:00–22:00
May 6, 11:00–22:00
May 7, 11:00–22:00
May 8, 11:00–21:30

Event Location: №39, Section 1, Fuxing S Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City, 105

Store Preview: https://lootex.io/stores/lootex-fashion-in-the-metaverse

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