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Meet Lootex’s CEO and Co-Founder: Justine Lu, NFTs Pioneer in Taiwan

It’s hard to remember a world before NFTs went mainstream. But circa 2018, even though there was some buzz around them, there was still a considerable lack of adoption. Despite the obstacles of investing in what would have been considered a risky project, Justine Lu is a visionary who used her passion for gaming and marketing savvy to launch Lootex, a gamer-first and one of the largest NFT marketplaces in Taiwan.

Thanks to her work at Lootex, Justine has earned herself the title of one of the most influential people in the Taiwan Blockchain Industry, according to Blocktempo.

Lootex’s Accelerated Growth

Lootex is a decentralized multi-chain marketplace and currently supports buying, selling, and trading in-game NFTs on ETH, BSC, Polygon, Arbitrum, and AVAX blockchains.

Under Justine’s leadership, Lootex surpassed USD 2.1 million in monthly transactions in November 2021. How? Justine firmly believes that Lootex’s differentiator in the market is providing a gamer-friendly user experience by liberating game asset ownership by connecting traditional players to blockchain-based games.

Lootex now hosts over 4,000 NFT projects on its platform, over 200 specific pages. Even though they have secured many corporate and enterprise collaborations, such as certification for limited-edition sneakers, character cards for movies, memberships for private clubs, etc., the focus remains on gaming.

The Recipe for Success: A Gamer First Approach

Lootex has always believed in putting gamers first, which has been achieved by providing gamers with the best trading tools for in-game assets. Lootex’s marketplace features over 11,000 NFT assets and over 498 collections available on multiple blockchains with an easy-to-use interface.

Lootex has also partnered with over 50 blockchain-based games, including RPS League, Block Monster, Dungeon Swap, and Olympus Royale. The marketplace allows players from around the world to purchase avatars, rare weapons, lands, as well as pets or monsters for their favorite NFT games.

Lootex is also one of the few in the industry with independent teams, publishers, developers, and cross-domain actual combat in the VR game channel market. In addition to the platform’s standout features, Lootex also has a strong community, with over 80,000 monthly active users.

Know Your Core Value and Stick With It

These days, it seems like gamification and play to earn have become the go-to strategy for most blockchain-based projects. And as such, Justine and Lootex, under her leadership, have the upper hand in the current market because they have been doing it since before it was cool.

In 2022, Justine predicts that the Metaverse will set off in 2022 and be reflected in the form of “games.” Moving forward, the lines between gaming and reality will become more blurry. Will users be playing a game? Or, will they be living a second life in a parallel universe?

According to the Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs 2020, Taiwan ranks 12th out of 58 economies for creating progressive working environments for women entrepreneurs. In this context, Justine’s advice is simple, know your core value, use it as the North Star for everything you make and everything you do, and you’ll reap the benefits.

As a gamer with a passion for decentralizing the industry, she believed there was room to make a difference in the gaming industry by intersecting it with blockchain technology. That is her North Star. And despite Lootex’s success and adoption, their journey is just beginning.

For the latest updates and announcements, follow Lootex on these channels:

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