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May 3 · 6 min read

May 3, 2021 / Art

“Ornate decoration and psychedelic style. My artworks are mixed with Art Nouveau, mixed media, and new media art as contemporary art.”



The main style of CASIMIR’s work is to preserve the three-dimensionality and texture of the figure in the picture, while the rest of the space is flattened but with complex depth and abstract meaning. The painting method combines the strengths of various art styles from the past.

< Interview Begins>

1. Hello, can you tell the reader a little about yourself?

Courtesy of CASIMIR

I have been drawing on the wall with a pen since I was a kid. My parents thought that maybe drawing was my talent and didn’t stop me. My middle school art teacher noticed that I had some talent, so she talked to my classroom teacher so that I could take time to practice.

After that, I successfully entered the Department of Art and Design at Fuxing University of Commerce and Technology and Da-Yeh University. I spent a long part of my school years in the pre-development of painting and art. Later on, I worked and created at the same time in the early days of my career, but now I am concentrating on art creation.

I briefly worked as a clothing designer and pattern designer for bedding sets. Then I moved into the game industry and I started to use computers more professionally to draw my works. I found out that computer graphics has a lot of potential and applications, most of which are in the commercial market.

So I wanted to try to use this medium to see how far I could take it. At first, I tried to use it to present the texture of traditional media, but I always thought that it was too digital and would be a bit offensive. For a while, I didn’t know the direction, so I just kept trying and failing.

Then I realized that I should apply its strengths instead of hoping it would do analog work. So, since digital is digital, we should make use of the advantages of digital. I even adapted to it slowly and integrated the use of penmanship into the picture. Use digital tools to reinterpret and reconstruct the past and present styles of painting through your own hands.

2. What are the sources of inspiration for your unique creative style (e.g. Tarot cards, Western colors, etc.)?

Courtesy of CASIMIR

Creative styles are derived from learning various styles and painting techniques from previous artists and then slowly internalizing them through time to become the way I want to express myself. Sometimes it is just a social issue, life experience, a joke between friends, or just a feeling that pops up in a moment.

At present, inspiration is more about personal life experiences and experiences. Only when you have ideas can you create depth in the subject matter.

3. Your works are mostly centered around naked women, what does it mean to you?

Baleng — CASIMIR

I always joke about I’m lazy and my work-related drawing subjects have too many clothes, so it’s less stressful to paint nudes when doing my own creation (laughs).

In terms of meaning, as a heterosexual male like myself, the female body is very attractive. The curvature and every angle are like the beauty created by the Creator. To express the beauty of the female body on canvas with your own hands is to recreate and experience the joy of the Creator in creating women.

4. You have created many works, why did you choose “Baleng” and “Conflict” to be released as NFT?

Conflicts — CASIMIR

“Conflicts” uses the clash of colors to talk about gender identity on the internet and the terms used by platforms to censor what can and cannot be featured. “Baleng” uses bright colors to express shadows and apply some artifact symbols in the picture. I think these two are more contemporary and responsive.

5. Do you have any NFT paintings in your collection?

I don’t have any collection yet, but I am interested in the NFT market, so I am selling my works on the shelves. I have sold some of my work so far, which proves the future potential of the NFT market. I have seen several good works and I think I should try to collect good works by entering the market in the early stage.

6. What do you think is the difference in value between a physical collection and NFT digital art?

With the prevalence of computer graphics today, there is really no way for digital artworks to compete with the price of traditional artworks. Some people may think that the two markets are crowding each other out, but I think both markets can exist at the same time.

The higher security of the digital art market will push the authenticity of the physical artwork and the more rigorous trading, which means that scarcity and value will also be higher. Therefore, there is no question of who is crowding out who, only the competition of each creating their own market. The only thing that will be crowded out is probably the fake paintings (laughs).

Tarot — 15. The Devil — CASIMIR

Nowadays, if any digital virtual file is transformed through NFT, each NFT represents an irreplaceable asset because of its unique blockchain technology, and its scarcity can stimulate the desire and value of collecting.

I think in terms of the asset concept, crypto technology gives proof of the high reproducibility of digital files. For example, in the future, the encrypted artwork you hang on the wall in the digital world or a game will not just be a digital image, but will be the same as the physical artwork and will be a valuable asset that can be transferred or even put up for auction. Other images on the wall that do not have encryption technology are generally home decorations with scarce value.

In addition, there are sometimes disputes over the authenticity and sale of traditional artworks. In contrast, digital encrypted art provides a higher level of authenticity and security. Although traditional artworks can also be certified using encryption technology.

Tarot — 5. The Hierophant — CASIMIR

However, the physical bonding of digital artwork may not be as comprehensive as the digital bonding of digital artwork. For some investors who consider artworks as assets, encrypted artworks are a serious investment target to be considered.

< End of Interview >

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