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The Lootex DAO page is now live! Here’s the new interface for Lootizens.

中文版 Lootex DAO 說明請看這裡
  1. Join the latest staking program.
  2. Claim token reward.
  3. Claim vesting tokens from Lootex’s partners and investors.
  4. See leaderboard of LOOT token contributors. (Coming soon)
  5. Submit proposals and Vote for Lootex decisions. (Coming soon)
  6. Future LOOT token features. (TBA)

Step #1: Connect your wallet

Step #2: Stake your LOOT tokens

  1. Pool 1 — LOOT token single-sided staking pool. This pool will receive 20% of the monthly liquidity mining rewards.
  2. Pool 2 — LOOT/ETH Liquidity pool is composed of 50% LOOT and 50% ETH. You have to stake ETH and LOOT into Uniswap first to get LP tokens. This pool will receive 80% of the liquidity mining rewards.
  1. Flexible — you can unlock and withdraw anytime. Your weight of reward is fixed to 1.
  2. Locked — select a duration(1–52 weeks) that you want to lock for. The longer you lock, the more weight of reward that you will be distributed by each blocks. Your weight of reward is up to 2 while you lock for 1 year (52 weeks)

Step #3: Approve and stake

Step #4: Unlock your staked LOOT tokens

Step #5: Claim rewards

Feeling the gas fee is too expensive?

  1. Bridge or buy LOOT tokens on BSC.

Benefits of token stakers

  1. Token rewards: The APR of each staking pool are different, and the rewards change from the total amount staked and the weight of all the stakers. There will be a real-time reference of APR at the moment you stake into the pool. Please keep in mind that there will be a 1 year lock after each claim of the reward.
  2. Founders badge: Except the reward, we will deploy founders badges after April 2022 if you are the qualified stakers in the program. Most of the benefits are for the badge holders. More information will be announced.

➣➣➣ Now Visit Lootex DAO Page



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