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The Unique Advantages of Lootex — A Gaming Marketplace

Designed for gamers and with support for multiple blockchains, Lootex has several features that set it apart from other NFT marketplaces.

Lootex is a cross-chain game item shop for the Metaverse that aims to provide both efficiency and convenience for its users. Lootex’s marketplace allows players from around the world to purchase avatars, rare weapons, lands, as well as pets or monsters for their favorite NFT games.

As NFTs, GameFi, and the metaverse continue to grow, users will need a marketplace where they can buy, sell, or trade their in-game assets, both quickly and without high gas fees.

That’s where Lootex comes in. In this article, we’ll cover what purposes a gaming marketplace serves, as well as why Lootex is the best option out there.

Why do gamers need a gaming marketplace?

As blockchain technology continues to grow, various industries are quickly adopting and pivoting towards blockchain-based games. As such, traditional business models are shifting within the gaming industry.

Some of the most significant shifts within the industry came with the introduction of play-to-earn games, powered by Web 3 technology. This is ushering in a new generation of gaming experiences with real-world economies and new player incentives.

Supported by in-game assets as NFTs, many play-to-earn and blockchain-based games are giving back control of the gaming experience and gaming benefits into the hands of the gamer community. And that’s where gaming marketplaces like Lootex come into play.

Lootex is a player-centric cross-chain NFT trading platform, where gamers can buy, sell, or trade their favorite in-game items and share the latest blockchain game info with the community.

Lootex is empowering the play-to-earn economy

As gamers around the world look for ways to cash in on play-to-earn games, Lootex has designed a platform that suits their needs. Both for gamers focused on entertainment, and gamers focused on the earning aspect, play-to-earn games are designed such that every time a player buys an asset, they indirectly increase the value of the game economy.

What makes Lootex unique?

The idea of a gaming marketplace isn’t new — items are listed for sale in a public marketplace, where other gamers can purchase, sell, or trade assets.

The primary difference between marketplaces, such as Lootex and OpenSea, is that Lootex is a cross-chain platform, meaning in-game assets (NFTs), as well as payments, are currently supported on Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and Ethereum, with support for Avalanche and Arbitrum coming later this year.

With Lootex continually adding game collections to its platform, users can rest assured that the platform is selective about which game collections it will support. By doing so, Lootex assures that users not only have access to the games they love but also that they are adding value to the Lootex community. This is achieved by Lootex offering promotions based on its community’s feedback for the newly added game collections. On a platform like OpenSea, this is rarely the case, and it is almost impossible to find a collection without manually searching for it.

One of the great things about Lootex is that its marketplace interface has been designed specifically for in-game NFTs. When users search for an in-game item, a wealth of metadata about the NFT will be provided, such as which games it can be used in, its rarity level, and how to use it to earn rewards.

Lootex: Designed by gamers, for gamers

Research shows that a significant number of Lootex’s 80,000 monthly active users trade NFTs used in GameFi products on its marketplace. And that’s exactly how the team intended it. The core team of Lootex consists of game industry veterans. They know what gamers want, they’ve played the games, and they personally use Lootex.

There’s only one place that offers the most up-to-date information, allows users to both swap and pay across multiple blockchains, and provides a social place for gamers to share gaming tips. So, what are you waiting for? Head to Lootex to find your favorite NFT, and start your next adventure.

About Lootex

Lootex is a player-centric cross-chain NFT trading platform that shares the latest blockchain game info. We are devoted to building a gamer-centric game asset marketplace where gamers can easily browse, trade, and buy game assets across multiple blockchains.

For the latest updates and announcements, follow Lootex on these channels:

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