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Tokenarium — A P2E Crypto Tycoon Game

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to become a project developer? Given how fast paced technological advancement is, many are aspiring to work behind a computer and become a project developer. Earning millions of dollars behind a product you’ve worked so hard on would be a dream come true. The developer life isn’t smooth sailing though, and can prove downright infuriating at times. Tokenarium is here to immerse players into the developer world and experience all the thrill, hardship, and struggle of building their own product.

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Welcome to Tokenarium, the tycoon play-to-earn browser game where anyone can become a project developer, bringing in a pixelized, funny, old-school elements of the future. The game simulates a crypto-project developer where the main objective of the game is to immerse everyone with the different phases of the development stage. This involves spending a lot of time behind a computer with continuous expansion of team members as the development progresses.

The game can easily be accessed on any device using a browser, and all you need is a Metamask / Trustwallet. You can try the game on your browser to further understand everything that we are going to cover.

Game link: https://play.tokenarium.online/
Trade NFTs: https://lootex.io/stores/tokenarium

Have you tried the game and felt confused?
Don’t worry! Let us go over some of the basic game mechanics. We’ll guide you step by step on how to become the world’s most successful project developer through mastering the art of simulation.

Stage 1: Set your product’s type and name

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As a project developer in Tokenarium’s Metaverse, the first thing you’ll need is to think of a name and type of token you are developing. No need to fret because there will be suggested types of token that are available to choose from within the game.

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After establishing the project name, next thing would be to set up a logo as an image that will represent your product. You get to choose which logo will satisfy your needs and suit your company’s branding.

Stage 2: Build a team of 5

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Next is we need to build a team. It can be daunting to have your hands with varieties of work to do. Therefore, we need to hire people to fit specific roles. So how does a developer or project owner strive to make a project successful and profitable? It’s pretty simple, start off with qualified team members that can work efficiently and passionately.

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In Tokenarium, your team must have at least 5 members:

1. Project owner — mainly responsible for Concept entries

2. Contract developer — mainly responsible for Contract entries

3. Marketing manager — mainly responsible for Marketing entries

4. Moderator — mainly responsible for Community trust entries

5. Designer — mainly responsible for Design entries

Each team member will be in the form of NFTs with various rarities ranging from common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, special, relic.

Photo credits to Tokenarium

Through the course of the game, players will be rewarded with $TKNRM tokens and level up their NFTs. $TKNRM can be used to buy a booster. Boosters are used to increase your token’s life cycle from 1 to 5 days and it will depend on the booster’s rarity.

Curious about making money with your own developed token? Tokenarium shows how it works in real life. Try out the game now!

Game link: https://play.tokenarium.online/

Looking Forward

There does appear to be a sincere determination from the Tokenarium team to offer users an optimum experience considering the concept of the game and comparing them with other competing projects. Curiosity strikes the readers on what it feels like to become a developer. We’ll be keeping a close eye on how Tokenarium develops here at Lootex, and we’ll be providing you with details directly from the source!

About Tokenarium

Tokenarium is a tycoon play-to-earn browser game where everyone can be a crypto token project developer. Players will earn $TKNRM tokens and level up their NFTs. It is a simulation game covering all the phases of product development immersing players in the realm of becoming a project developer.

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