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Weekly Project Highlights — Trending F2P Games

What are some of the top NFT games, and what are the up-and-coming ones to look out for?

Free-to-play games are video games that everyone can play without spending a dime. Well known F2P games had already gathered huge audiences on the PC and among these games are League of Legends, DOTA, World of Tanks & spinoffs, numerous MMOs including World of Warcraft (Starter Edition), and other titles. The best free games are the perfect way to find your next hobby of choice. We’ve listed trending F2P games within LootexIO for this week, laying out what you need to know before starting.

Gunstar Metaverse

Presenting Gunstar, a game inspired by Worms / Gunbound games, is an exciting Play & Earn game for gamers or from newbies to professional level to test their skills and compete with their friends in an attempt to create the “ultimate-high” shooting game, or even have the golden opportunities to engage in highly tactical games to secure an awesome victory.

In Gunstar, players are placed on 2 opposing teams, the opponent either an AI monster or a player. And it will be turn-based action with each of the pets firing at each other.

Each pet has 3 unique skills; 2 normal skills, and an Ultimate skill.

The game offers free-to-play to cater every gamer. F2P players will be able to play using a free pet named Rosaging. Going play-to-earn will require at least 2 NFT pets to be able to earn. The Gunstar Metaverse team has researched and studied the GameFi market to develop in-game money flows and stabilize the earning ecosystem allowing them to control the inflation and deflation rates over time using their established features.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a free-to-play tactical card game that gives players true ownership of their in-game items. Led by the former game director of Magic The Gathering: Arena, the game focuses on competitive play, which means players must strategically outsmart their opponents by building decks that are able to combat a wide variety of tactics. In Gods Unchained players completely own their digital items, giving them the freedom to trade, sell and use their cards any way they like — just like owning real, tangible cards.

The game is turn-based strategy game and it is not just the usual trading card game. To rise through the ranks, you’ll need to tactically outsmart your opponent at every turn. Designed with a focus on fair competitive play, where players can unlock cards just by simply playing the game.

It’s very possible to work your way up the ranks without spending a cent. In fact, a few of their most vocal players have done just that. That said, the economy is an important part of Gods Unchained and shouldn’t be overlooked. Although it’s true that some cards are prohibitively more expensive than others, a large part of balancing the game is aimed at ensuring you don’t need to spend lots of money to have a highly competitive deck. Because cards are tradable, it’s also possible to purchase only what you need from other players in LootexIO to build your dream deck.

Ethlas (Polygon)

Ethlas is a newly discovered world of mysteries, playful creatures and treasures. Gamers can explore new territories, unearth ancient magical rites, and challenge fellow adventurers in games that are indigenous to local creatures and cultures.

Komos are the centre of the Ethlas Metaverse and will be the key to many in-game progressions, such as uncovering treasures and artifacts, discovering new islands, receiving quests and expeditions. Komos can equip artefacts and treasures (NFTs) that grant them special active and passive abilities, boosting their stats. Equipping Komos with a suitable elemental NFT makes them more effective in combat, potentially increasing their stats. Elementals may also have additive or complementary effects on one another. Check out LootexIO for your Komo needs.

The Training Grounds within the Ethlas Metaverse is where Komos can level up their abilities through casual gaming where players will be able to feel nostalgic playing traditional arcade-like games. Each arcade game in the Ethlas Metaverse will be linked to a specific stat of the Komos, which would allow the Komos to level up certain abilities once enough experience has been obtained.

Splinterlands (ETH)

Splinterlands is a digital, collectible card game built on blockchain technology. It is similar in concept to games like Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone, where you build up a collection of cards, which all have various different stats and abilities, and use them to battle other players in skill-based matches. By using blockchain technology, players can buy, sell, and trade their digital assets freely just as if they were physical cards, and all transactions are recorded publicly and immutably.

The game makes it easy to earn on a daily basis. Players can win rewards from Tournaments, Ranked play, and Quests! No matter what your skill level or collection size, there is always an opportunity to earn!

Among the many prizes you may win are collectible cards of varying rarity, card packs, magic potions, and Dark Energy Crystals (a tradable, digital currency used to buy items in the shop).

The rapid battles in Splinterlands are fast and furious, each game only taking a few minutes. Each battle has a different combination of combat rules, total Mana cap, and playable Splinters. Strategy is critical in creating the best team for the given situation

Play, Trade, and Earn anywhere at any time. Splinterlands is available on both desktop and mobile devices.

Crusaders of Crypto

Crusaders of Crypto is a classic-style Roguelike game paired with the Binance Smart Chain! Players are able to repeatedly enter randomly generated dungeons, battle monsters, and fight difficult and scripted bosses, all named after Crypto-Related tragedies (Like FlashLoanius!). Holders of CRUSADER will be able to enhance this experience by being able to earn BNB, NFTs, and much more!

The in-game dungeons are comparable with the classic dungeons from The Legend of Zelda. To start playing, users can log in using their BSC wallet or play as a guest. Players must be logged in with their wallet address to receive rewards / NFTs.

Players will get to decide if they want to go free-to-play or play-to-earn. Having NFTs will reward players differently than those who don’t. You can start collecting and trading their NFTs in LootexIO.

This week’s featured GameFi projects’ play-to-earn concept is still being financed in many different ways while players can still enjoy the full game through free-to-play.

More GameFi Projects

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