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Weekly Project Highlights — Trending Simulation Games

If you could be anyone, who would you be? What profession are you most curious about? For decades, many simulation games have answered this timeless question for hundreds of millions of players around the world. Simulation games can be a form of collaborative storytelling and these games take place across countless worlds, where players can take on the roles of whoever they please. To the casual onlooker, it might seem like little more than playing pretend with rules, but many believe that’s the gist behind simulation games. For this week’s article, we are going to dive deeper into simulation game-fi projects that are featured in Lootex.

Wanaka Farm

Video credits to Wanaka Farm

Wanaka Farm is a multiplayer farming simulation GameFi project built on Binance Smart Chain. Players can own or rent land NFTs to farm on and produce yields such as livestock, agriculture, and other products to sell on the marketplace. Play, relax, and earn. Wanaka Farm provides a more laid back atmosphere of cooperation rather than the competitive nature of other GameFi projects.

Photo credits to Wanaka Farm

At Wanaka Farm, players will immerse themselves in the role of a happy farmer by cultivating lands, crop farming, breeding pets, and decorating their own virtual land. From then, each participant will contribute to building a whole metaverse combining multiple unique customized farms.

To get started, everyone needs to invest in buying NFT land or rent the Land from another Land owner through Rental System; buy the seeds to start raising and planting on your land. Players will have to participate in in-game activities to get rewarded accordingly. If relaxing is your priority, then the gaming environment of Wanaka will best suit that need. To start playing you just need to trade NFT assets which are available to trade in Lootex.

Sunflower Land

Photo credits to Sunflower Land

Sunflower Land is a Play-and-Own crypto game where everything collected is identifiable on the Polygon Blockchain. Players can farm, chop, mine, craft and more as they build their farming empire.

Some items can be exchanged for the Sunflower Land Token, whereas others are used solely for crafting collectibles and NFTs. Farming and gathering will be important activities in the Sunflower Land ecosystem. Rare items can only be minted through gathering resources.

The game has real-life principles of demand and supply which in turn affects the price of such resources. The good part is that the game is designed to reduce the supply of resources overtime (as the game progresses). This will lead to portion control which can be a short term solution for inflation. Items and resources gathered from Sunflower Land are already available to trade in Lootex.

Plato Farm

Photo credits to Plato Farm

Plato Farm is an NFT platform that creates an immersive farming metaverse. Players are tasked with growing crops and rearing livestock. In return, players receive rewards in the form of MARK and PLATO tokens. Gamers can use these tokens to purchase various resources within the game to create a bustling city, level up in the game, and generate income for themselves.

To begin gameplay, players need to stock up on a few resources, especially the land, seeds, and livestock. Once they have the resources, they can begin farming by sowing seeds. The seeds take some time to sprout and grow into crops. When this happens, gamers can harvest the crops and either sell them on the NFT market for tokens or send them for further processing to produce new NFT props.

The harvested crops, wool, and milk can help players earn real-monetary benefits over time. Building guilds in the metaverse can be a foundation to create an income stream from the game. As one of the early adopters of the play-to-earn model in gaming, Plato Farm aims to create a futuristic gaming metaverse that provides real monetary benefits to users. Plato Farm has already launched the V1 of its Android and IOS applications. The game is poised to appeal to both beginners and veteran gamers, making them a part of the blockchain gaming revolution.


Photo credits to Binopoly

Binopoly is a play-to-earn capital operation game powered by blockchain technology, with integrated real-world geography inside a game world. Consisting of 7 continents and 195 countries, each continent has one piece of public land providing new players materials necessary to begin building their world.

Players can accumulate primary resources from mines, timber mills and farms etc., and process these resources in factories to obtain building materials. Certain combinations and amounts of building materials will produce varying levels/types of properties. Constructing property on a land plot within a continent will generate rent for the owner (similar to crypto-mining or yield farming in blockchain).

Strategic players can monopolize whole industries of primary / building materials, lands, or factories to haul massive returns with various business tactics. If players aren’t drawn to solo gameplay and becoming a lone hero, they may choose to find teammates, combine forces, and start a consortium to collectively build an economic empire! Multiplayer alliances will provide players a game experience distinctively unique in game-fi, perhaps another charm to the already abundant appeals of Binopoly.

Continuum World

Photo credits to Continuum World

Continuum World is a Free-2-Play & Play-2-Earn game where players can explore a new world and build buildings to collect resources, level up, compete, socialise and earn the game’s own Token $UM.

Photo credits to Continuum World

The game takes place in a new world called Continuum, that resembles in some parts the Earth, but has some unique characteristics such as floating islands and unique vegetation and animals. An UMi (characters of the game) colony is getting established and its objective will be to survive and thrive by exploring its abundant resources and wonders.

Photo credits to Continuum World

The economics of the game are built where Free-2-Play users can achieve the same goals with enough dedication, although the expectation is that power users will purchase Tokens and progress faster — by purchasing lands, setting up buildings and equipment, selling game items with benefit, etc. Which shall play a crucial part in providing liquidity to the game’s economy.

More GameFi Projects

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