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Weekly Project Highlights — Arbitrum Games

Finding a good marketplace that empowers efficiency in trading can be daunting. Trading items should be swift and easy hence Lootex decided to support Arbitrum and will support varieties of blockchain in present and future. Blockchain technology has provided access to life changing opportunities such as open access to the realm of Metaverse.

The Metaverse has revolutionized gamer’s perspective on gaming. Looking back, gamers would invest in traditional games for being exciting, fun, and having cool graphics; And now having to scale between excitement and investment from collecting NFTs from different blockchain games. Fret no more! This article will provide the list of featured Arbitrum GameFi Projects that are available to trade in lootex.io.


Photo credits to OpenBlox

OpenBlox is a digital world full of magical places to discover and exciting things to achieve. Players can venture out with their in-game character known as Blox. A Blox is unlike characters in traditional games because all Blox exist as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on blockchain empowering players to freely trade them with other players, and move them across NFT marketplaces such as Lootex.

Photo credits to OpenBlox

The OpenBlox ecosystem includes all the games that players will have access to with their Blox NFTs. The value of each blox is just increasing regardless of the game a player is playing within the OpenBlox ecosystem. The design of our NFT and the multi-gaming purpose will ensure a sustainable system for (emerging) gamers guilds by finding new games.

Photo credits to OpenBlox

There are two options for players within the OpenBlox universe, namely Player-versus-Environment (PvE) or Player-versus-Player (PvP). In PvE, teams consisting of three Blox each travel across the OpenBlox to find and collect hidden treasures. In PvP Battle mode, players queue in the Ranked Arena in order to be randomly paired with an opponent of similar skill. The Blox Combat System is a turn-based card game that is won by the player that successfully eliminates their opponent’s team. Winners receive rewards while qualified players will earn game tokens as well as special equipment.


Video credits to BattleFly

BattleFly is a PvP/P2E GameFi project that uses TreasureDAO’s MAGIC token as its primary currency. It is an idle strategy game that is available to access through the web or mobile browser. The gameplay in BattleFly takes place in servers, each containing a maximum of 100 BattleFlys at a time. In Season 1, players will be randomly placed into servers when they enter their BattleFly into the Gardens or the Hyperdome.

These servers act as micro-worlds where BattleFlys compete for resources and survival. In a practical sense, they simplify the gameplay and analysis required to a level that ensures the game can be passively enjoyed. While the redistribution of staked MAGIC from under-performing to high-performing BattleFlys happens quite slowly, it is inexorable. MAGIC is a currency of the connected metaverse and is conceived as having a free and fair distribution by TreasuryDAO. The credibility of in-game tokenomics for players gives game creators a platform to build a game that can grow sustainably over many years.

BattleFly has been conceived as the first high volume, mass market game for the TreasureDAO ecosystem and has been designed from the ground up to minimize the impact of inflation and speculation on core gameplay. Start collecting BattleFly here and explore the wilds of the BattleFly Metaverse!

Shogun War

Photo credits to Shogun War

Shogun war is a 2D game with a core focus on summoning, taming, battling, crafting, dungeons, clan wars, and trading. At the start of the game, players must stake their Shogun to the training grounds for 30 days before choosing a class and clan. Once class and clan has been chosen, a base amount of in-game currency reward will be distributed daily if the NFTs are staked on land.

There are 6 classes: Artisan, Merchant, Beast Master, Shinto Priest, Honcho, and Ronin. Each of the classes (trade and collect here) have their own unique capabilities that allow players to work symbiotically with other players or other Shoguns a player holds. Certain Shoguns can participate in dungeons that yield drops and rewards. Others can buff, craft, and tame beasts. There will be weekly and monthly clan battles / wars. Much of Shogun War will be focused on enhancing a player’s Shogun NFT which gives a higher success rate on the battlefield

Shogun War will operate on a two-token economy with SHO being the temporary inflationary in-game token and a governance token. Holding their governance token will earn yield on both protocol and the treasury. This will be the backbone of the Shogun economy to be able to work across all the future games.


Photo credits to SmithyDAO

The SmithyDAO is neither a game nor a single NFT project. It is more so a community-created DAO that aims to create cross-metaverses/composable building blocks that can function across the whole of the Treasure-verse. These building blocks will take the shape of weapons and armors, making SmithyDAO the Smithy workshop of the Treasure-verse. Thinking of getting your first NFT? All weapons and armors are in the form of NFT which can all be traded here.

Photo credits to SmithyDAO

The primary product of SmithyDAO is the world of Smithonia, which supports a hybrid economy of both in-game/off-chain currency and resources. As well as currency and resources directly connected to the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem and, by extension, the broader global economy. The first of many collections that SmithyDAO will release is ‘Living Weapons’. It is an NFT meant to be cross-metaverse so as to support the Treasure ecosystem and consolidate its functionality.

Photo credits to SmithyDAO

Alongside the standard gathering mission, a player can go on “Magical Gathering Missions” wherein players pay a small sum of magic to boost their chance at gaining better rewards from each gathering. This is done to add utility to the $MAGIC token and as a source of income for the treasury to finance and support the longevity of the project.

Knights of the Ether

Photo credits to Knights of the Ether

Knights of the Ether is a fantasy collection of 3,999 unique avatars (knights) comprising over 230 ultra-detailed traits across 12 layers. Each Knight of the Ether is an ERC-721 token residing on the Ethereum blockchain (now also supported on Arbitrum). The metadata for each token is hosted on IPFS. Knights of the Ether marks the beginning of an extensive and decentralized Web3.0 ecosystem revolving around the fantasy genre, built by their community, for their community.

Photo credits to Knights of the Ether

Launching on PC with console play to follow, their deck-building roguelike game uses $fief tokens as in-game currency to buff a player’s knight as they fight through dungeons to secure their role atop the leaderboard. At the end of each 2-week event, $fief and physical prizes are awarded to the top 3 knights on each of the leaderboards. $fief is an in-game currency created specifically for the Knights of the Ether video game and is used extensively to buff runs, buy cosmetics, and enter leaderboard events.

Gears like armor, weapon, and shield will be tailored specifically to each of the Knight’s metadata. Each Knight Gear comes with a specific stat and buff that affects a character’s play style. This will prove to be a fun yet challenging game given that there will be many different factors to play around with depending on the current situation a player is facing. Start gearing up here and prepare for an exciting journey!

More GameFi Projects

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If a GameFi project you are expecting isn’t featured in this article, it doesn’t mean it won’t be in the next one. Frankly speaking, there are a lot of different high potential projects, mainly those that are listed in Lootex. If there’s a game you enjoy, and you want to see us highlight that game, we would be glad to hear from you! Send us a DM on our social links in the description down below.

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