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Weekly Project Highlights — Shooting Games

FPS (First Person Shooter) games is one of the most popular video game genres. But which one should you try? Since the start of blockchain gaming, many notable game developers and publishers decided to venture into the Metaverse. Some have taken part in developing successful games like: HALO, Call of Duty, Westworld, and many more.

In this article, we are going to feature trending FPS game-fi projects. We’ll break down details on how anyone can play and earn. Here are the top featured FPS games in lootex.io:

Undead Blocks (ETH)

Video credits to Undead Blocks

Undead Blocks is a kill-to-earn first person zombie shooter game that incentivizes players using weapon loadouts that are made from NFTs to kill zombies. Players can participate in daily leaderboards and challenges to earn Gold ZBUX, which can be swapped for selected cryptocurrencies or used to obtain rare and limited edition in-game items and weapons. Players will also earn Standard ZBUX which allows them to level up their weaponry and build equity in the assets that they own.

Undead Blocks aims to bring back nostalgic gameplays while providing players a thrilling and unique gaming experience. The game will have game modes including Solo, Squad, and Speedrunning, bringing in more exciting features of competitiveness.

The game mechanics are simple, all players are dropped into the game starting with a pistol and a combat knife. Additional weapons and equipment that the player has unlocked in their weapon loadout can be found in different places across the map. Experience points can be used to obtain weapons and shall be granted to players for killing a zombie. Having good communication and working as a team shall be the best approach to find success in taking down waves of zombies. Gather your squad and start trading here.

Universe Island (BSC)

Video credits to Universe Island

Universe Island is a classic 1vs1 shooting game that incorporates NFT equipment progression alongside crypto rewards in the form of UIM tokens creating its own economy in game. The seamless combination of gaming and cryptoworld is a major factor that will contribute to the liquidity of the game’s ecosystem.

Being a UIM token holder or staker has its own benefits like participating in the governance of the game with a chance of minting a rare infinity series NFT card. Staking longer and having a higher amount of tokens will give players a higher chance of being rewarded with better NFT cards. These cards will provide special boosts for characters and have the power to potentially make the difference between winning and losing.

The game aims to go above and beyond in providing players a wholesome experience. From action-packed matches that can challenge a player’s skills, to breathtaking graphics, to a spectrum of features for players to enjoy. This game is definitely something to look forward to. Universe Island NFTs are available to trade here.

Metastrike (BSC)

Video credits to Metastrike

Metastrike is an FPS multiplayer blockchain game with high effort investment in both visuals and gameplay. It is structured as an open-ended digital battlefield with their core team focused on building functionality for the NFT game assets in concurrence with their community.

The game offers an array of game modes and maps. There will be a training course for each player that needs to be completed in order to access other game modes. Players will be rewarded with a token or NFT box by completing the tutorial.

Each player will have a maximum of 3 characters, each character will have an energy, the game consumes one energy per match. There will be daily tasks for daily rewards for participating in PVE and PVP. Both modes are VR compatible which shall give players a new immersive gaming experience. Start trading Metastrike NFTs here.

MetaShooter (BSC)

Video credits to Metashooter

MetaShooter is one of the first decentralized blockchain-based hunting games in the Metaverse bringing realistic hunting experience to gamers in the open world. MetaShooter is built on Unreal Engine using Nvidia and SpeedTree assets in order to achieve sharp dynamics and graphics to provide its players with an unforgettable experience.

Players will be hunters and need various equipment to be able to hunt animals. MHUNT will be rewarded to players that have successfully hunted an animal and the rewards will vary depending on the animal’s rarity. The token can be exchanged for hunter NFTs such as baits, fodder, appearance, and also be able to sell them to others.

In addition, players can complete missions, challenges, tournaments and win their share of the allocated prize funds. Metashooter aims to modernize the gaming industry with a twist of specializing in the hunting genre. Their belief is that putting players first will be a major step in convincing traditional gamers to venture into the Metaverse. Start trading MetaShooter NFTs here.

Shrapnel (ETH)

Photo credits to Shrapnel

SHRAPNEL is an upcoming competitive multiplayer FPS game that is bundled with a rich set of player-creation tools, combining combat, creation, curation, and community-based platform. Their team is composed of experts with experience in working with some of the biggest titles in the industry — Halo, Call of Duty, Star Wars, and many more.

The main goal for each tense and brutal match is to survive. Players should know when to flee with their loot and when to double down and battle competitively in extraction events. The strategic gameplay centers on how players combine and craft different pieces of gear to customize and optimize their loadouts.

The game includes three operator classes namely: Assault, Infosec, and Survivalist — each with its own skills and abilities. The strategic gameplay centers on how players can combine operator classes and craft different pieces of gear to customize their loadouts. Gear up and fight by trading their NFTs here.

The Killbox Game (BSC)

Video credits to The Killbox

The Killbox Game is an action-packed, first-person shooter game in which players assemble elite squads and it has incorporated a tradable NFT weapon system with play and earn elements to construct a dynamic game. The game is accessible to everyone and can be downloaded via PC or mobile.

The game was launched on Android and iOS platforms as early as 2017. The number of downloads on Google Play has reached more than 1 million over the past 4 years with many more downloads coming from AppStore and Steam. The team’s dedicated operation has silently garnered interest from players all over the world.

The gameplay will be interactive with a 360-degree arena combat experience alongside its VR capabilities. Additionally, the game features weekly challenges, rank matches, and a lottery system for the distribution of crypto prizes. NFT guns will provide players a boost in advantage over those who opt to do free-to-play. More in-depth information about The Killbox can be found in our previous article. Players can trade their NFTs here.

More GameFi Projects

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Lootex is a player-centric cross-chain NFT trading platform that shares the latest blockchain game info. We are devoted to building a gamer-centric game asset marketplace where gamers can easily browse and trade game assets across multiple blockchains.

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