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Dear Lootizen,

We are thrilled to announce the launch of “Lootex Alpha Season 1,” marking the debut of Lootex V3 — our latest and greatest product iteration.

With a brand new design and powerful features built around you, the gamer, Lootex V3 promises an immersive and rewarding blockchain gaming experience like never before.

Introducing Lootex V3

Lootex V3 Alpha is now live

1. The Brand New Design of Lootex

Lootex V3 - The whole new experience

We’ve infused a vibrant gaming aesthetic into our platform, complete with a light & dark mode and a new user interface. The design not only looks stunning but also ensures a smooth and intuitive user experience.

2. Gamer’s Profile — Create Your Gamer’s Linkedin.

Upload your Gameplay Highlight Moments

We believe that every gamer is unique and should have a space to showcase their individuality and skills. With this in mind, we’ve introduced the Gamer’s Profile feature. This enables gamers to feature their favorite collections, loots, or super rare treasures and upload their highlight moments (V3 Live).

Furthermore, you can easily enrich your profile by connecting game accounts like Steam. Showcase your gaming achievements, display your favorite games, and share your gaming experiences.

Connect Steam on Lootex V3

While you accomplish a certain level, you will soon be invited to play the games that haven’t officially been released and earn some in-game items exclusively.

3. Gamer’s Mission Board — New way to participate in Web3 Gaming.

Gamer’s Mission Board

Gaming is more fun when there’s a challenge, and that’s exactly what the Mission Board offers.

We assume you are already feeling tired of so many quests, the competition that only leads you to Like, Share, RT, etc. Here we are, building the features not only includes the social tasks and also aim to integrate with third-party’s in-game missions.

The Mission Board incentivizes gamers to complete daily tasks, join tournaments, or team up for epic boss battles. It’s a place where true web3 gaming enthusiasts can gather and compete on Lootex. (Coming Soon, let us know your coolest idea HERE.)

4. Gamer’s Info Hub — Know Your Game and Do Your Own Research.

Gamer’s Info-Hub

We know that finding web3 game information is not easy for now. With so many layers of blockchains, different ecosystems, and it can be overwhelming.

At Lootex, we believe that accessing information should never be a barrier in gaming. That’s why we’ve created the Gamer’s Info-hub, a complete solution to help bridge the information gap in blockchain gaming.

Our goal is to make web3, blockchain, and new technologies more understandable and accessible for all game lovers. By doing so, we aim to bring virtual assets to life and empower gamers with the information they need. The Gamer’s Info-Hub is the first step towards fulfilling this commitment, ensuring that gaming information is reliable and easy to understand.

Lootex Alpha Season 1: Game On!

To celebrate the launch of Lootex V3, we’re introducing two fantastic prize pools:

1. Mission Board Prize Pool:

Join the Alpha Mission Board

We’ve prepared a total of $10,000 USD worth of $LOOT Tokens for participants. Challengers can earn the event points by completing missions on the alpha mission board. At the end of the event, we’ll distribute the prize pool based on the percentage of points each challenger has collected.

2. Bonus Prize Pool:

Up to 5 iPhone 14 Pro!

All registered users can have a chance to win an iPhone 14 Pros. The number of available prizes will unlock based on the total number of valid registrations during the alpha period. So the more participants, the bigger the prize pool! It can be up to 5 iPhones!

3. Event Period:

Alpha Event Period:
• Start on: 2023/06/26, 2AM (UTC+0)
• End on: 2023/07/26, 2AM (UTC+0)

Claim Reward Period:
• Start on: 2023/08/10, 2AM (UTC+0)
• End on: 2023/09/6, 2AM (UTC+0)

4. How to Join:

You must register a Lootex account to participate. It’s game time!
🔗 https://go.lootex.io/53yrgq

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Don’t miss out on the fun and prizes of Lootex V3 Alpha Season 1!

Gear up for the gaming revolution and get your share of $10,000 USD worth of $LOOT tokens and a chance to win an iPhone 14 Pro.

Stay tuned for more thrilling updates. Let’s redefine gaming together.
See you in the Metaverse, gamers!

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