66,000 BUN Milestone!

Melanie kondo
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2 min readJul 9, 2021


Last you all heard, we were celebrating a 40,000 BUN milestone on an NFT titled, “ Plague 3021.” “Plague 3021” finally sold at an astounding 66,457 BUNs on 7 July 2021. To put things into perspective, that figure equates to USDC 3,870.04. Thus far, this auction has received the highest number of bids on the Loot NFT platform.

Within a week of the release of the set “Breathe,” 4 out of 5 of the NFTs have been sold. This is where things get interesting, two of those NFTs, “Dyspnea” and “Synthetic Air” were sold to @Ajamado; while the other two, “Consumed” and “Plague 3021” were sold to @Collector.

Do you know what this means?

With only one NFT remaining in the set, if either @Ajamado or @Collector win, they will automatically be awarded a degree. This will grant them additional weightage in the oven rewards. However, anyone bidding in this auction can win the NFT. Additionally, the winner of the last NFT, “The 01,” may subsequently relist it for another round of intense battle bidding between @Ajamado and @Collector.

Additional NFTs have been released into the arena. These belong to the set “The Ol’ Crypto Creatures.” This set commemorates figures that have contributed a significant amount of value to the world of cryptocurrencies and essentially paved the way for platforms like Loot NFT. We encourage you to review our upcoming page for exciting NFTs waiting to be released.

With the bulk of our introductory set completed, we can safely say, we have successfully proven that many expectations can simultaneously be met on one platform. That is the value Loot NFT offers.

Loot NFT is a new solution that provides a democratized marketplace to undiscovered talent and creators. It is a safe ecosystem in which they can value their work. Everyone benefits from our platform. We also believe that we will effectively elevate the game component of our platform to brand new heights with continuous improvement.

Stay tuned for upcoming notices and updates.