A look at the creators behind Loot NFTs first set: Kenza Fakira

Melanie kondo
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3 min readJun 21, 2021


Loot NFT introduces Kenza Fakira, the second artist who contributed to the first set titled “breathe.”

About Kenza

Kenza familiarized herself with art from an early age, often picking paintbrushes over toys during her childhood. She was consistent in her love for art throughout high school, developing a fondness of realistic portraiture.

The young creator leveraged this strength in creating unique pieces. Kenza had always dreamt to enter the world of 3D animation. She took her first steps to achieve this goal in 2017 when she moved to Cape Town to pursue tertiary studies in various industry-standard software. Once she mastered the art of 3D animation, Kenza began putting her skill to professional use.

Today, she’s a 3D artist at Lucan Studio in Cape Town. She also works as a freelance illustrator and matte painter. She boasts an impressive portfolio that includes multiple album art for singer/songwriter Jacob Lee for his album “Philosophy’’ released in 2019.

When presented with the opportunity to collaborate with Loot NFT, Kenza was pleasantly surprised that such an innovative platform was being introduced. She further expressed her confidence in the opportunities that Loot NFT will provide young digital artists in her native Mauritius, as she feels that the island is not completely receptive to this modernized form of art.


For her first piece in the set, Kenza incorporated a strong element of surrealism, which is a 20th-century style of art popularized by historic giants like Salvador Dali. This style of art relies on creativity and juxtaposition and is extremely difficult to execute.

In the piece, Kenza managed to portray the irrationality of surrealism, while maintaining the theme appurtenance to the theme at the same time. She used the title “Dyspnea” to evoke a sense of suffocation, which is felt throughout the art piece as water is swirling around and covering the subject’s upper chest, mouth, and nostrils, and ultimately consuming her.

The piece is capable of stimulating a visual and emotional sensation within the viewer. It opens up our imaginations to the physical sensation of dyspnea. The subject is being consumed by a source of life, which is water. This piece alone makes Kenza a creative genius, and we look forward to seeing what more she has to offer the world of surrealism.

Dyspnea by Kenza Fakira

Synthetic air

Her second piece titled “Synthetic air” commemorates the changes enforced by society amid the coronavirus outbreak of 2019 through present, particularly with regards to the compulsory use of face masks. The creation reflects on how a single face mask separates us from the virus. Three years ago who would have thought that this would be our reality?

Watch the level of details Kenza includes in the work. It is breathtaking when you consider that this is not a picture, but a digital reconstruction.

Synthetic air by Kenza Fakira

Kenza’s brilliance lies within her ability to take a simple concept and add multiple layers to it. Her art is so diverse and inspiring. Her sophistication inspires and hopefully she can be a role model for many aspiring artists.