Creators’ Reviews #1

Melanie kondo
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8 min readAug 19, 2021


Many talents in Mauritius and around the globe, in general, go undiscovered due to a lack of branding resources, money, connections, or experience. COVID-19 has only aggravated this issue. Many undervalued creators are looking for a breakout opportunity, where their creativity can be appreciated.

Nearly two months in and over 10 Mauritian artists have successfully auctioned off their creations on the Loot NFT platform. At the moment, we are working with 4 NFTs in auction at a time, but the results thus far have been impactful in Mauritius.

The artists, each with very different styles of artistry, are all profoundly talented in their craft. Loot NFT reached out to 5 artists for feedback regarding their overall experience on our platform and how they have been impacted by our mission.

Three of the art pieces sold were created by Shubham Hanuman, the originator of “The 01,” the highest-grossing NFT on the platform thus far. Shubham has sold three pieces valued at over MUR 500,000
(about 11,700 USD) in a little over a week. This is what Shubham had to say:

“Growing up, I channeled almost everything in my life into my artwork, meaning I create with emotion. Despite achieving many victories in this field, I always contemplated how I would make a lasting impact, especially being in a country that does not value people in my field.

When I found out three of my pieces were going to be published on Loot NFT for their first-ever auctions, I knew that this concept was radical, but being an optimistic person, I anticipated positive results from the beginning. The way the platform functions to benefit everyone involved sparked my desire to produce remarkable pieces.

Selling three pieces on Loot NFT has developed me as an artist in such a short space of time. Everything happens so fast it is almost surreal. I never imagined being able to monetize my art, or having people appreciate it so much. The experience has boosted my confidence.

I strongly feel that Loot NFT will disrupt the Mauritian art scene. Not only artists, but creators from all walks of life will finally be seen, earn money from their work, and be able to value work that was initially overlooked. It is great to know that there is now a safe space for creators to come together and just create! All they have to do is believe in their talent and never stop working towards something positive, even if some people would say otherwise. It is an experience of discovery and growth for our beautiful island.”

Shubham’s piece above is titled “The 01,” currently the highest-grossing art piece on the platform

Kenza Fakira moved to Cape Town, South Africa to pursue her dream of being a 3D artist. She sold two pieces worth over MUR 100,000 (about 2,700 USD) on the platform. Kenza was particularly amazed that Mauritian artists finally have a channel with which they can heighten their brand. Here is Kenza’s perspective:

“To be honest, I did not know what to expect at first. The reason for my initial hesitancy lies in the fact that Mauritius does not value art as much as it should. This issue is rooted in the stigma that exists around art; be it traditional or digital as a career choice. However, after meeting with the Loot NFT team, I was happy to find out that they are determined to challenge the status quo and make some waves in the stagnant waters of Mauritius’s art scene.

As an artist, Loot NFT allows you to be seen not only locally, but internationally; with the rise of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, Loot NFT comes into the scene at the best time possible. I am hoping that they will help in changing the way artists are seen and how their skills are valued. On top of making revenue from auctioning your art, you are given a visibility boost, thus paving the way for new opportunities. Additionally, there is a sense of community among artists on the platform. You get to see what other artists are up to and where they lie in terms of skill, talent, and innovation. It is a great motivator to keep improving your skills as an artist.

I think Loot NFT is going to challenge some preconceptions surrounding art as a career choice by making it way more accessible and lucrative. We have some very talented and creative minds on this beautiful island of ours and they, unfortunately, either have to leave the country to get the recognition they deserve or they choose a different path altogether. Loot NFT brings a fresh outlook on things and more options to aspiring artists.”

“Dyspnea” became the Genesis NFT on the 5th of July, 2021

Rachel Caprice, 26, lives in Beau Bassin, Mauritius. She’s had a passion for art since primary school. She sees art as another dimension of communication and uses it to raise awareness. Rachel’s sold artwork is valued at over
MUR 26,000 (626 USD) on the platform. This is Rachel’s testimony:

“The concept of Loot NFT was new, exciting, and very interesting. I was thrilled to be able to see my work on an international platform joining international artists.

I was expecting more recognition of my work, internationally, and of course that my work got sold!

I think that Loot NFT has the power to boost an artist’s career. It allows us artists to showcase our talents and creativity through our paintings or even digital art for some.

Most importantly, it allows us to get connected with the artistic and collectors’ world. This means you cross the borders through the internet while you’re staying at home and expose your work and there’s 100% certainty that your work gets noticed internationally. An artist can even attach a link to their work so that people can know more about the artist and what they do.

I would say Loot NFT’s interest in Mauritius is huge. In Mauritius, art and culture are often taken for granted. By collaborating with Loot NFT, artists have a higher chance of recognition. I’m very grateful for the opportunity that Loot NFT has provided for us. As artists, we struggle to sell our artwork, and, sadly, Mauritians generally underestimate the value of art. Nonetheless, we can’t back down. It’s our passion and we can’t let it die. We continue to fight for it despite the difficult times.

The process of listing your work is relatively easy. Everything is done online, which is very helpful and accessible during this pandemic. And it’s based on auctions. So, you know that your work is going to sell. You don’t know how much but you know it will. So you just hope for the best.”

Rachel’s piece above is titled “The Bitcoin Theory”

Nitish Kumar Lallsing, 35, works as a manufacturing engineer. With the encouragement of his wife who is also an artist, Nitish recently commenced his journey in painting. He grossed just over MUR 31,000 (748 USD) on the platform and this is what Nitish had to say:

“Watching a video about an Indian billionaire who bought an NFT for nearly $70 million sparked my initial interest in NFTs. I felt motivated to participate as I wanted to learn more and sell my paintings, of course. At first, I had no idea how much my artwork would sell for, but would grasp an estimation when I saw the other paintings being sold.

I think that Loot NFT will give me global exposure as a unique artist and encourage me to paint more. I am more eager to produce more art and I’m looking forward to upcoming themes. From a national perspective, Loot NFT has the capability of putting Mauritius on the map as an art center. This is the exposure that the country lacked, especially considering that artists suffered a lot during the COVID-19 pandemic, with not much government assistance. This was very demotivating and has resulted in a significant decline in the artwork.”

Nitish’s piece above is titled “Hoskinson”

Lastly, Girvanee Suraksha Hosanee, 23, from Roches Brunes, Mauritius, with the encouragement of her family and teachers, pursued art throughout her childhood and tertiary studies (particularly in digital art, which has become her specialty over the years). The young artist’s piece was valued at around MUR 30,000 (722 USD) on the platform. This is what Girvanee said:

“Initially, I was very curious about “crypto art,” which made me tempted to try it out. This is a new and exciting experience and I am thrilled that my work was selected and sold!

I feel blessed as Loot NFT has provided a platform where my work will be recognized worldwide, and integrates me with many other international artists. [Because] it is an online auction, it allows everyone to view my artwork, which is amazing.

I believe that the platform has given artists a new possibility to enhance their creativity and value in the marketplace. Many Mauritians undervalue art. Sadly, some people think art [should] be free of charge. They undermine the effort we put into our creations. Loot NFT has respected the Mauritian artist and given us a chance to express ourselves on an international platform.”

Girvanee’s piece above is titled “The Magic Of Vitalik”

The Mauritius art sector has been disrupted in just over a week. Artists, both digital and traditional, now have a platform to showcase their talent, while gaining revenue at the same time. They now have access to broader markets, where other people can potentially fall in love with their creations too. This is a life-changing opportunity that facilitates the artist achieving recognition and valuing their work. Mauritian artists of all economic backgrounds finally have a level playing field to reach the same goal. We aim for the same revolution to be achieved globally

IMPORTANT: All creators list their creations via our partners and NOT Loot NFT. Loot NFT only provides the platform for creators to sell their works.