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Get to know the creators behind our current auctions.

Aya Trades’ NFTs rank first and third highest in value

We are excited to share some of the latest happenings in the Loot arena. Aya Trades has been on a roll with two of their artist’s pieces achieving the highest and third highest value (“Modern Rebel” selling for over USDC 18,000, while the “Elon’s Acknowledgement” auction just concluded at over USDC 16,000, becoming the third highest valued NFT on our platform).

About our most recent Artists

For many of the artists and creators who list on Loot NFT, this is merely a way to communicate their emotions and passions to the world. Quite frankly, theres nothing better than witnessing the passion behind a person’s craft. Through our Telegram, we can get a first-hand account of the creator’s inspiration, passion, and so on. Join our Telegram community at https://t.me/lootnft

Willem Smit, Namibian-born, moved to Cape Town, South Africa, where he took up his passion as a UX designer. Willem has always been an artistic individual, having his parents support his dreams for as long as he can remember. His interest in art extends beyond drawing, as he also has a profound love for music, film, writing, typography, and he is also fluent in 4 languages! He attributes a lot of his creative fuel to Capetowns scenic landscape and attractions. He recently sold his first NFT, “Archipelago”, for USDC 2,565.13, and has another currently in auction. Willem told us:

“I’ve been told by many that I’m creative, and I can understand where they’re coming from — I am driven by all things beautiful, and creating has always come easily to me. I enjoy making eccentric artworks, designing visually appealing digital interfaces, and producing instrumental music. I’d say, in short, that I could always look to my creative thinking for problem-solving.

Working with Loot NFT has been such a great, exciting experience, and a fantastic opportunity to share what I’m proud of with the world — and it pays very well! It’s been a thrill to watch auctions with incredible artworks, and seeing my own pieces in the arena is equally as exciting. Working in the tech world myself, it’s been a great experience seeing a new innovative platform such as Loot NFT come out, challenge the conventional, and get artists the recognition they might not necessarily get elsewhere. Loot NFT makes me excited about the future and inspires me to keep at it creatively”.

Willem Smit created “archipelago” and “Bag o’ Patterns”
From left: “Archipelago” sold for over USDC 2,500, and “Bag o’ Patterns is currently in auction

Shaun Beyond, born and raised in Mauritius, is another multifaceted creator on our platform. He is a graphic artist, illustrator, concept creator, and explorer. He has a deep passion for the Avante Garde theme in his artwork, and also uses a surreal style of art, producing innovative creations from simple shapes and forms. The young artist describes himself as curious, exploring the world around him, and incorporating his discoveries into his contemporary pieces, 3 of which are listed on our platform. “The manifestor” was the first to reach the Loot arena, and two more are upcoming.

“The goal behind such bodies of work is to place it as a human investment, embracing things differently with new perspectives to bring positive changes and enhancement allowing ourselves to flourish through art and philosophies.

Inspiration mainly comes from trying to have a better understanding of the world surrounding me, the ‘why’ and the ‘how’. The tendency to question everything always makes me want to look further”.

Shaun also entered the Telegram chat, sharing his excitement to join the community. He left us with the following words:

“Unlearn, Relearn, Rebuild. Always create and never disintegrate”.

From the left: “The Thinker”, “The Manifestor” and “The observer” by Shaun Beyond.

​​This past week, we received a warm message regarding “The past, present, and future” auction, created by Jason Kenhing and sold early this month for USDC 3,358.55. The message forwarded by the 4IR team was sent from Peter Edu, a descendant of the Ashanti Kingdom ( The set name of “The past, present, and future” auction). To shed more light, Peter’s uncle is the reigning king of the Ashanti Kingdom, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II. He had the following to say:

“ I just wanted to send a quick message as gratitude to Jailesh and the 4IR team for showcasing the Ashanti Empire in the Loot Arena. I thank the Lootizens that participated in the arena. I’m looking forward to forging strong ties between the Ashanti people and Lootverse”.

A bit about Jason. Born and raised in Mauritius, he has always been passionate about art, especially bringing out emotions in people through his craft. Jason is particularly interested in culture and tapping into his own roots. He shared:

“ My paintings are an extension of my body, as it is intrinsically connected to me. Even though we do share some experiences by being in similar conditions, your past is distinctive, the connection of your history on earth, your blood that screams the past and life of your ancestors”.

Jason also discussed his art piece and experience with Loot NFT:

“This work really connects to my experience on earth as an individual, the principles and values of the Ashanti Culture resonate in me as an individual, it is so poetic and beautiful that it echoes to my roots and the blood of my ancestors originating from Africa.

The respect of the spirits encompasses the aspect of Africa from our ancestors in Mauritius that I know of and is very dear to my heart.
The symbolism in the Ashanti Culture from the Kente cloth to the African mask and the primordial object, the Golden stool is imbued with spirituality, sublimity, and hope.

Working with loot NFT has been a privilege and the beginning of an amazing journey. Certainly, in Mauritius there is not much of an opportunity for artists or creators like that, loot NFT is probably one of the best platforms out there that is really putting us on the forefront allowing the world to experience our work. This has allowed my work to be exposed to a bigger public and boosted my confidence.

I really thank Jailesh Raggoo for this opportunity and a special thanks to the team who is really doing great work in making this ecosystem flourish.”

Watch the full video of Jason discussing his artwork here.

Jason Kenhing created “The past, present, and future”.
“The past, present, and Future” sold for over USDC 3,300

Yuliya Loginowski is a twenty-nine-year-old pop artist from Kazakstan. She has contributed 3 pieces to Loot NFT, each signifying famous musical legends ( David Bowie aka Ziggy Stardust, currently in auction, Freddie Mercury, coming soon, and Mick Jagger, sold in early October for nearly USDC 14,000).

Yuliya specializes in creating portraits of her musical idols, using color to express herself in her work and her goal is to achieve a balance between color and luminosity while creating a beautiful contrast between harmony and chaos.

Yuliya discovered her love for art in her early teens with the support of her mother. From that point, she was hooked and has since improved her craft. She also collaborates with other artists in the Miami area. Yuliya told us:

“ I try to express my emotions through colors and balanced harmonious forms. I never plan ahead color variations and shades and use very thick layers of acrylic paint. For me, all of my paintings are living a spontaneous process.
Most of my colorful portraits are representing iconic people through my own language of Art”.

What an eventful week! We are looking forward to more auctions and our second HardCap 500, coming soon, new NFT file types (i.e, videos, gifs, audios, etc. as well as the long-awaited launch of Satoshi’s lounge. Stay tuned!



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