Loot NFT Themes Update, August 2021: Upcoming Set Themes on the Platform

Melanie kondo
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2 min readJul 23, 2021


NeoWorlder’s Arena is a platform that embraces radical innovation and creativity, which is evident in their introduction of themed NFT sets. Recently, the platform launched two new sets for June and July, namely, The Ol’ Crypto Creatures and Heaven Was Copied After Mauritius.

The Ol’ Crypto Creatures set is a tribute to the viability of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, which are the foundation of NeoWorlder. Creators were challenged to commemorate the most respected figures in the crypto community, such as Satoshi Nakamoto, Vitalik Buterin, and Charles Hoskinson, in the most imaginative way possible. Three NFTs from this set have already been sold, and one is currently in the auction arena.

The Heaven Was Copied After Mauritius set draws inspiration from Mark Twain’s quote, “Heaven was copied after Mauritius,” and features two NFTs currently listed in the auction arena and one in the upcoming tab. The set is an ode to the paradise island of Mauritius, and artists are encouraged to portray its beauty and serenity in their work.

NeoWorlder will introduce two new sets soon: Nero e Bianco and Time Warp. The Nero e Bianco set is monochromatic in nature and requires artists to showcase their creativity beyond their usual spectrum, providing limitless opportunities for artists to express themselves. The deadline for submissions is 15 August 2021.

The Time Warp set is inspired by Salvador Dali’s famous piece, “The Persistence of Memory,” and challenges artists to think outside of the box to convey the concept of the imaginary distortion of space and the surreal side of creators. Extensive planning is advised to ensure that the audience correctly grasps the art piece’s message, and this set poses a high risk in terms of message translation.

Overall, the themed NFT sets enable creators to showcase their imagination and originality, contributing to the platform’s goal of becoming a leading platform in the NFT industry.