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Loot NFT Themes Update, August 2021: Upcoming Set Themes on the Platform

At Loot NFT, radical innovation is embedded in our culture. This includes introducing set themes that inspire the utmost creativity. We had introduced two new theme sets to the platform for the months of June and July: The Ol’ Crypto Creatures and Heaven Was Copied After Mauritius.

July 2021: The Ol’ Crypto Creatures

Although this set already has 3 sold NFTs and 1 NFT in the auction arena, we still felt it necessary to provide the story behind this theme.

Our platform operates on the blockchain network and functions with cryptocurrencies, which are one of the greatest radical innovations of the 21st century. Loot NFT is a testament to the viability of cryptocurrencies; what better way to honor this brilliant disruption than to dedicate an entire set to it. Quite frankly, if it were not for the geniuses that paved the way, Loot NFT may not have been possible. Creators contributing to this set were challenged to commemorate “The Ol’ Crypto Creatures” in the most creative way possible.

The three sold NFTs feature the likes of Satoshi Nakamoto, the originator of Bitcoin, Vitalik Buterin, one of the co-founders of Ethereum, and Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano. Each is a highly respected figure in the crypto community.

July 2021: Heaven Was Copied After Mauritius

This theme was inspired by the famous writer, Mark Twain who praised the beautiful island twice:

“…Mauritius was made first, and then Heaven.”

“ Heaven was copied after Mauritius.”

While the latter quote directly inspired the theme, both quotes recognise the beauty within the utopic island.

We currently have two NFTs from this set listed in the auction arena and one NFT in the upcoming tab. With two more NFTs remaining, we are looking forward to seeing more creative portrayals of Twain’s famous quote.

Mauritius is a highly sought-after paradise island that boasts idyllic salt waters, rustic mountain sceneries, and so much more. The island is art itself, and this set was formed to enable artists to translate the island to the world. The NFTs produced in these sets should maintain creativity while giving us a sense of peace and serenity.

Two new set themes are to be introduced shortly:

Nero e Bianco

The Italian phrase, Nero e Bianco, translates to Black and White. This set encompasses all things black and white. While the set is monochromatic in nature, it should not limit the artist’s creativity. We are encouraging artists to go beyond their creative spectrum and develop highly imaginative pieces. The limited color scheme poses limitless opportunities for the artists to express themselves.

This might prove to be one of the most difficult themes to translate into art; artists will have to dig deeper and think about how this piece may differ from a basic black pencil sketch or painting.

Deadline: 15 August 2021

Time Warp

Time warp is the imaginary distortion of space, where occurrences are changed and made to exist in different times. The keyword here is distortion. This idea was inspired by Salvador Dali’s piece, “The Persistence of Memory.” Salvador Dali was a surrealist painter, famous for contorting reality. His pieces felt like a hallucination and a paradox of time and themes.

Artists are expected to think outside of the box and ask themselves some questions. How would you convey the concept of time warp? How would you like the audience to feel when looking at the piece? In addition to originality, these contributions should show us the surreal side of the creators. This set poses a high risk, as the message in the pieces can easily be lost in translation, therefore, extensive planning is advised. This ensures the audience will correctly grasp the art piece.

Deadline: 15 August 2021



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