Lootverse: A Mindbending Alternate-Reality Experiment

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The grand story telling experiment of our time.

The metaverse is on everyone’s mind today; even Facebook rebranded to Meta. While most are trying to create a virtual environment to put you in, we believe the human brain can be reprogrammed to feel that a parallel world is real. You do not experience it through an avatar; you are the protagonist.

To pull this off, attention to detail is critical, and the process of creating a parallel world is similar to producing a movie. The outcome must blur the line between fantasy and reality. This is what Lootverse’s experiment is attempting to bring to life in this metaverse-multiverse setup.

There are two primary components of Lootverse’s infrastructure:

(a) A hardware solution (tablet) called the Multiverse Gateway, which acts like a Stargate, where people can remotely access Lootverse; and

(b) Physical land that people can visit that act as gateways between Lootverse and Earth. This is like a decentralized theme park breathing life to the 4,880 plots in Lootverse (i.e., non-contiguous, such as multiple parcels of land in the real world linked to specific plots).

Currently, all sites are accessible via the web (Satoshi’s Lounge, X by SL, will soon be launched). However, access to Lootverse will shift to our X Tablet or from physical locations. To date, we have two physical vaults that act as a bi-directional crossing between Earth and Lootverse.

Lootverse’s X tablet Prototype

We are crowdsourcing the culture of our parallel world in an organic growth fashion. Much like a crossing between multiverses (like in Harry Potter), the various elements of that world may create a testing ground for otherworldly fashion, music, food, etc. in a place where the LTT is used as a currency.

For example:

  • Satoshi’s Lounge store can sell digital and physical items, like Lootverse plots, fashion, nationality cards, and more.
  • Lootverse’s parliamentary debates can be streamed before a motion is put to the vote from the Lootverse News Network, or LNN.
  • Lootverse also uses financial acronyms such as IER (Internal Exchange Rate), EBV (Effective Bid Value), and Redemption Efficiency (a fractional reserve of sorts). (Who knows, it may even develop some of its own language.)

The possibilities are endless!

The above works in our context because every application in Lootverse is different from what currently exists: its battle-bidding Arena represents innovation in auctions, the process of issuing the native currency is unique, its store has all items go on auction first, the Fund follows advanced R&D in the field of revenue-bearing NFTs, and more.

These may be subtle differences, but together, they contribute to making a visitor feel something unique, almost like tricking the mind that this alternate reality is in fact, real.

A metaverse overlay over the real world, and accessible in person. No VR, AR required.

Team Log 01: The Origin Story

We discovered a gateway to a multiverse. We called it Loot NFT World (a.k.a Lootverse). We were the first Lootizens and had a blank canvas to decide how we think this world should operate with values such as family, truth, and radical transparency. We borrowed several concepts from Earthers, Lootverse’s neighbors.

We scouted the land and divided it into 4,880 plots. To pass the time, we built a gamified arcade by experimenting with auctions. This we called “the Arena.” We invited Earthers to create artwork which we fed to the players of the arena. Others joined us in this game, and they became dual-worlders.

From there, we built our economy and created two physical gateway locations on earth that today act as portals between worlds (known as vaults of the Great Empire). Everything feels normal as you approach the gates, and when you step through, you are met with a significant contrast of styles, truly like stepping in a space that you do not expect.

We discovered that Lootverse plots could provide glimpses of stories in time. We decided to offer past and future Lootizens the ability to find and tell the stories of their land.

Economic activity grew from the arena and extended to Satoshi’s Lounge and the Fund. Scholars from earth were invited to build the foundational elements of economic activity.

Today, as Lootizens join us, its technology, culture, and sophistication are improving. The gateways we discovered now allow for items to cross dimensions; E.g., Lootizens scout for artists on earth to cross into Lootverse, mint them in NFTs to feed them to the arena; likewise, NFTs and the physical creations can travel out of Lootverse.

Over time, we desire for a structured civilization to take root in diplomatic practices with parliamentarians governing and leading the future of Lootverse. Furthermore, we see a society in which multiple more gateways open up on Earth as we find the right entry portals to Lootverse. These spots will enable unprecedented access to Lootverse. We envision a structured world where Earthers can use LTT at a shop or a bar to make purchases; think of this as having a cruise ship-like card redeemable for products and services in Lootverse.

1. Announcing the first cross-world governmental partnership

4IR and Loot NFT has struck a deal with the Economic Development Board of Mauritius to showcase NFTs from Lootverse on Earth. 4IR will transit the pieces cross-world to a gallery on Earth. Below is the draft message to be displayed at the entry of the gallery:

H.M. of The Great Empire, Lootverse

3 November 2021

We are honored to have partnered with the EDB to display NFTs (and their physical form) from Lootverse to earth (Mauritius). This is a momentous occasion for our two worlds and represents the first time items from a multiverse are showcased on earth.

The works displayed were commissioned from talented Mauritian creators and sold in Lootverse’s premier sporting game known as the battle-bidding arena. We thank the Mauritian Government and the Lootizen owners of those creations for agreeing to participate in this cross-world event.

[The Seal of H.M. of the Great Empire]

The ownership plaques listed next to each artwork will display.

Under approval of H.M. of the Great Empire, Lootverse for display in Port-Louis, Mauritius, Earth.

Work Title;



Value achieved at auction (BUN, LTT, USD, Rs.);

On loan by:

2. Lootverse News Network (LNN)

Our Lootverse News Network (LNN) will be released soon, featuring the 4IR chatshow, breakfast show, interviews with the movers and shakers of Lootverse, a financial segment, and the happenings from Lootizens. LNN may also provide news from the parliamentarians, comedian shows, and information from the Lootverse-earth alliance.

3. Cross World, Story NFT

The way we intend to link Earth to Lootverse is through a multi-dimensional portal. Each plot comes with a branding, guidance, and technology license to create gateways on earth. We hope visitors walking through the gates are amazed by this unique experience, buy souvenirs, and mingle with our nascent civilization. Watch out for Lootversian stories displayed in Lootverse, such as “here lies the body of the king that was defeated in the battle of the Five Dragons, the year 1120.”

4. A Testing Ground of Culture, New Technology, Blockchain

Physical-virtual connectivity and role playing for our time.

In a way, Lootverse physical spaces are where anyone can test new technology, try out new fashion styles and events, test the limits of innovations in a safe space. Ultimately, the technology can break out from that parallel world and be applied to real-world uses, thereby creating a multi-layered innovations incubator from another dimension.

LNN, The Great Empire — Nov, 2021



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