Lootverse: A Parallel World That Rewards Land Owners

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4 min readDec 16, 2021


Although every corner of the metaverse will grow and expand over time, it will undoubtedly have its limits. However, at Loot NFT, we have been working on creating more than a metaverse or alternate reality. Instead, Loot NFT stands as a gamified arcade in which you become the protagonist of a parallel fantasy world. Within it are 4,880 plots of adventurer-themed virtual land. Owners of these plots will craft the immersive narrative of their land through NFTs, showcasing diverse vantage points, epochs, and styles. Four NFTs will be minted in each plot; the end result will be a total of 19,520 NFTs, presented as pages in a multimedia book of NFT visuals, each adding a chapter to the grand story of Lootverse.

Our platform features Loot Tickets (LTTs) as a native currency and also offers tools like Bid Units (BUNs) and credits. BUNs empower users to participate in battle bidding auctions to acquire NFTs and mine LTTs. These LTTs can be utilized in manifold ways: they can be used to redeem products and services, be staked, be sent off-site, and more. Credits serve as an in-world currency to purchase BUNs, LTTs, and cater to specific products and services.

Our digital ecosystem comprises six distinct sites, each operating under different brands and applications. While these are individual sites, they function with interoperability in mind. A single login grants access to all six sites, unified under a shared transaction ledger, thus crafting a complex and diverse metaverse experience. Each of our offerings unveils our vision of the real-world applications of blockchain technology. Our goal is to eventually introduce our innovations for tangible, real-world applications. Presently, four elements of Lootverse have been launched: The World, Loot Arena, Satoshi’s Lounge, and The Fund.

To seasoned Lootizens, navigating Lootverse might feel intuitive. However, newcomers might find the vast expanse slightly daunting. A helpful analogy is to envision Lootverse through the prism of a Monopoly board game. While Monopoly integrates Chance and Community Chest cards, Loot NFT introduces the God Matrix. And whereas Monopoly players transact with Monopoly Money, Lootizens utilize LTTs. The ultimate vision for Lootverse is to evolve into a comprehensive alternate realm where Lootizens thrive and enterprises find a foothold.

The World — A Landscape of Crowdsourced Narratives

Loot NFT World embodies a decentralized fantasy parallel universe accessible either virtually or physically. It mimics real-life so intricately that it can deceive one’s senses. The World boasts 4,880 plots distributed across various kingdoms. These lands are divided among six unique kingdoms, each symbolized by a distinct sigil: The Great Empire, Isle of Fund, Royaume de SATOSHI, Territorio LTT ST, Kingdom of X by SL, and HABN Island.

“The World” has been meticulously crafted to provide a deep dive into the offerings of this parallel universe. Users can seamlessly navigate its prime attractions: Loot Arena, Satoshi’s Lounge, X by SL, the Fund, HABN, and The World itself.

Loot Arena — A Pioneering NFT Talent Show

Loot Arena serves as the stage where Lootizens assemble to bid on NFTs. Our arena’s distinctiveness lies in its integration of a mining protocol that uplifts creators and advocates noble causes, especially as artists’ masterpieces become subjects of intense bidding. The flurry of bidding during our NFT auctions directly catalyzes the issuance of LTTs. As these auctions proceed, creators and charitable causes globally reap the financial rewards.

Creators aren’t left to mint NFTs in isolation. Our curators guide them in crafting distinct artworks grouped in themed sets of five. This ensures both quality and singularity across all artworks on our platform. Moreover, this strategy minimizes market saturation. Users can bid to own NFTs, amass NFT sets, mine LTTs, or support a particular creator or cause. NFTs accompanied by physical artifacts are managed by our curators at global facilities without incurring any fees. Additionally, we offer manifest tracking software to monitor the whereabouts of artworks.

Satoshi’s Lounge — An Elite Storefront

Satoshi’s Lounge redefines e-commerce, presenting users with a fresh shopping paradigm. It exclusively stocks items that are either limited editions or unparalleled artifacts unattainable elsewhere. Operating entirely on crypto, we maintain compliance via swift Know Your Customer (KYC) user verifications. Initially, items are auctioned for 24 hours, and if they don’t meet the reserve price, they transition to the Buy-It-Now section in Satoshi’s Lounge at a 10% markup. Satoshi’s Lounge eschews traditional e-commerce norms. There’s no cart, no return policies. Once a purchase completes, items manifest in your bag, ready for shipping or retrieval instructions. For tangible goods, the Lounge provides a tailor-made shipping experience, and soon, direct LTT purchases from miners will be introduced for added convenience.

The Fund — An Imaginative Real Estate and Business Venture

Within the enchanting world of Lootverse lies “The Fund”, a real estate and business reservoir. It empowers plot proprietors to manage their terrain, administer rights, and distribute earnings and rewards. These digital plots can serve as revenue-generating real estate NFTs. Depending on land zoning, owners can engage in a plethora of activities and reap rewards. Rights might include minting NFT Stories or securing a revenue share over time, disbursed in Credits. These can subsequently be used to acquire BUNs, LTTs, or potentially be swapped for USDC (ERC20), contingent on your land’s zoning.

While our journey has just commenced, plots are being incrementally released to our community members across three phases, before broadening access. When the marketplace becomes universally accessible, offerings will expand to include items beyond plots: fantasy licenses, tangible products, and myriad services. Several facets of Lootverse remain dormant, but as they awaken, we promise to guide our community towards a future where the real and virtual interweave seamlessly. Join us as we traverse the annals of Lootverse, together.