LTT: Internal and External Uses

Melanie kondo
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2 min readAug 31, 2021


As many know, the Ticket (TIX) is one of our two resident currencies. It is a multi-use currency encompassing many functions and services within and outside the system.

Internal functions currently available include:

The TIX allows members to invite new users onto the platform at the cost of 6 TIXs. This function is currently available under the profile tab. Additionally, members may use the “I’m Interested” function, which enables them to express their interest in buying a sold NFT should its owner decide to re-list it for sale in the future. This function is found in the past auctions section and costs 1 TIX. Finally, the TIX also facilitates X by SL staking, converting these functions to fuel to facilitate transactions on future X by SL events. More information on Fuel can be found in your wallet.

Internal functions not currently available include:

Selling TIX, joining the Parliament (a member governance function that gives members the power to effect change on the platform), re-listing NFTs for those who have not acquired the free NFT re-list badge, making purchases on Satoshi’s Lounge, using TIX to mint NFT perspectives on Loot NFT World, KYC (know your customer) identity verification, whitelisting crypto addresses, sending TIX out of the ecosystem, and sending NFT gas fees. These are expected to be available in September and October, with other redemption functionalities ready in October/November.

External functions include:

We expect TIX to be custodied in external wallets in October. As a long-term plan, TIX will function in Talos deployment to the metaverse. Talos is the project name assigned to the technology (including blockchain, NFT, and cryptocurrency) we built that operates Loot NFT World. This technology applies to various economic sectors, such as land titles, asset management, research and development, eCommerce, etc. We expect TIX to function as gas-to-power metaverse transactions.

NeoWorlder works continuously to make the TIX function as seamlessly as possible. For further developments, please refer to the Arena.

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