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Tayce Bandeira Marchesi
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The most creative artists are teaming up with Loot NFT to showcase their artwork in the form of unique NFTs to be auctioned in Loot Arena this month. They are joining the privileged group of creators forever immortalized on our blockchain, allowing a true artistic exploration while visitors and Lootizens discover our sites. So, keep an eye on the game to be amazed by these stunning art pieces.

Pihu Sharma

The first creator we proudly present to our community this month is Pihu Sharma. A natural creative, Sharma is a 23-year-old Indian author, professional painter, and digital artist. She began to pave her path as a child and was already drawing realist and abstract pieces at the age of nineteen. One significant source of inspiration to bring her artwork to life is the legacy of Frida Kahlo. Sharma said that Frida’s urge to paint and journey of resilience through pain, sickness. and complex situations encourages her to keep working and evolving as an artist.

Loot Arena members will be able to battle for her exclusive NFTs in the “Metamorphosis” set. This collection will include the NFTs Red (already being auctioned), Blue, Lasa, Neon Cake and Purple and represents the transformation journey of the young Lasa. The creator told us her digital pieces are strongly inspired by Robert Greene’s book, The Art of Seduction, based on Carl Jung’s shadow theory.

Per Jung, the shadow is defined as an archetype of human unconsciousness; a place where all desires, repressed behaviours, and instincts live. Sharma explores these concepts of pretending, manipulation, and shame to create an immersive and deep atmosphere deftly portrayed in her NFT. Sharma stated the following regarding her artwork:

“In my paintings, you can see the splatter of color over people, which indicates different emotions altogether respectively. Those are, mainly, based on the theories of the evil side of the human psyche and how we as a species try our best not to let it slip by, but when it does, chaos happens because we don’t know how to handle it — we never learned it.”

Still a debutant in the NFT space, Sharma has discovered a broad myriad of possibilities by minting her digital artwork in our ecosystem through the partnership of Aya Curators.

“Loot NFT, honestly, opened my eyes to a whole new world,” said Sharma. “This, being my first NFT experience, made me realize that there’s an entire sea of people out there who care about creativity and the creator. I am so thankful for it.”

Eva Praskova

Another awaited artist in Loot Arena this February is Eva Praskova. As a photographer, she expresses her creativity through self-portraits that evoke the daily anguish of contemporary women. Praskova grew up in the communist regime with her mom who presented her first camera, a Lubitel, and showed her the world through the lenses. With her free spirit and imaginative mind, she has not stopped since; starting a professional career in 2009, with her work being showcased in several countries over the last decade. Praskova stated the following regarding her artwork:

“My work shows the complex and intricate soul of a woman. […] I use the self-portrait medium as it allows me to control every aspect of the process, and I give part of myself into it. I am both the observer and the observed, and it is then a very intimate and personal piece.”

Praskova is releasing three exclusive NFTs in Loot Arena: “Illuminated,” “Take a Note,” and “Annihilation,” all of them as part of “The Divine Feminine” set. She said this experience with Loot NFT through the partnership with 4IR NFT is revealing more than a new channel to exhibit her artwork, but a potential audience and a long-term purpose in the digital medium.

“With the rise of NFTs and their current acceptance of photography, I am ready to step in and share my visions with the world via the NFT community,” said Praskova. “I also keep evolving my art style and adding new elements to my photography, such as digital painting and layering”, said Praskova. “I find the concept of Lootverse quite compelling. It’s a new frontier of human experience. I’m glad to be part of this journey and wish Loot NFT success in future endeavors and hope to continue on the journey with them.”

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