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Tayce Bandeira Marchesi
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3 min readNov 17, 2021


NeoWorlder’s ecosystem provides a gamified auction area, the Arena, where users can compete to outbid one another. In dedication to the artist community, the platform highlights the latest creators and their work, with the upcoming artist’s page offering a preview of what’s coming next.

Chitra Dhookan

Chitra Dhookan is the first talented creator to launch her artwork on the NeoWorlder Arena this week, with her NFT artwork “Emergence” soon available for auction. Dhookan has always been a creative person, and artistic motivation runs in her family. She says that creation is a natural element of human life, and her brother’s enthusiasm for his profession and construction has been quite encouraging.

“Emergence” by Chitra Dhookan

Dhookan usually decorates and creates crafts, and at school, her teachers encouraged her to pursue her passion. It was not until she faced some mental health challenges as a teenager that she started taking painting more seriously. Dhookan draws inspiration from what speaks to her and validates her values and ideas, creating distinct expressive works that represent her life experiences and interests.

Amit Dajee

Amit Dajee, a 34-year-old Global Service Delivery Manager, is another artist launching onto the Arena this week. Although Dajee says he does not consider himself a professional photographer, he has been told by many that he takes amazing and unique pictures. Dajee spends his spare time performing as an artist in three dramatic arts and is part of a young and innovative social-cultural group.

“Arc-en-mer” by Amit Dajee

Chris Stanbro

Chris Stanbro is another incredible artist who has had success using NeoWorlder, selling his piece “Seaweed Serenade” in July for 17,298 BUNs (USDC 1,081.54). He identifies as a lifelong artist and creative soul and has been drawing and painting since he was a small child. Stanbro draws inspiration from modern art, classic art, and the beauty he finds in everyday life. His favorite medium is colored pencils on paper, and he has also done quite a bit of acrylic on canvas and canvas board.

“Seaweed Serenade” by Chris Stanbro

NeoWorlder’s commitment to highlighting the latest artists and their journey and the story behind their art provides a unique platform for emerging artists to showcase their work. These artists’ stories demonstrate how artistic expression can serve as a form of therapy and an escape from stress, as well as the platform’s dedication to supporting emerging artists and providing them with the recognition they deserve.

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