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The Lootian ecosystem, developed by NeoWorlder Inc., has recently undergone intense focus in the past three weeks. The shift in focus is from the Arena to the broader virtual representation of Lootvers. As a result, several changes will occur in quick succession. Some of the changes are summarized here, with further details provided in the Lootverse 2022 document.

What does the Lootversian air smell like? | Images and developments from Heavenly Development, LALL.

Notices (prior knowledge required):

On 31 January 2022:

1. We will feature plot S171 in the Royaume De Satoshi. The plot illustrations are by Heavenly Development, LALL, a Lootian business licensee, and portal operator.

2. On January 31, 2022, there will be several changes in the Lootian ecosystem, which users need to know. Firstly, the mining ratio in the Arena will increase to its final resting place of 42:1. Those already in the arena will retain their current mining ratio, and the only way to decrease mining ratios will be by collecting degrees. Secondly, the staking bonus of 5% will be removed, and the staking functionality will relocate to the Wallet section of the Fund.

3. All new sign-ups will be from a new virtual portal called “The Government,” There will be no other way to sign up for an account. However, users will still be able to log in directly to the Arena, Satoshi’s Lounge, and other areas.

4. BUN will be purchasable with Credits only, which can be bought in one step where miners purchase BUN with USDC. Alternatively, anyone can exchange USDC ERC20 for Credits, which is the ecosystem’s stable token, then use Credits to buy automatically in the Arena.

5. The “invite” and “I’m interested” functionality will be removed from the Arena, along with profile information, which will then be accessible at the Government site. Shortly after that, KYC will be listed there, with a streamlined Lootizen experience provided through a partnership with Onfido.

6. All Arena NFTs won will be relocated to The Fund portal, where re-listings will be done from The Fund. Over time, badges will relocate to the Wallet pages in the Arena.

7. The tournament functionality will be introduced for groups to drop a set of 5 NFTs in the Arena only to their followers, subscribers, and fans. This is segregated from the main arena, although these NFTs can mine Tickets and collect degrees. Winning an NFT there will grant access to the winner to the main arena.

8. The joining fee to the Arena will be set at 25 Tickets, provided holders of a URL whitelist users. Every seven days, this fee will double until 400 TIX, and the subsequent increase shall bring the joining fee to the arena to 500 TIX (approximately 35 days). However, if a tournament is held during that period, the joining fee to the Arena will immediately jump to 500 TIX.

9. Miners will have no restrictions to hold 1 BUN, 1 TIX, or 1 NFT to access the Arena.

10. Curators can list Arena NFTs to Satoshi’s Lounge and the Arena. Winning an Arena NFT in Satoshi’s Lounge will grant access to the Arena without paying a joining fee or an invite.

11. Parliamentarians will have until January 31 to avail themselves of the 70% discount to join any parliament level. After that, this fee will be 50%. NeoWorlder is working with the operator of Lootnance to discuss its rollout. Access to Lootnance may be provided in stages, starting first with cabinet members, the upper house, the lower house, then councilors. It is crucial to Lootnance (and NeoWorlder) that there is ordered access to test the system in practice before broader consumption. If you want to join the parliament, please visit, a channel dedicated to all things Lootverse.

Lastly, note that one of the rarest Lootian plots, one plot on a small island in Lootverse, will be released in Satoshi’s Lounge around the time of the introduction of Lootnance. Additionally, the first four physical collectibles from the Arena will be listed.

The upcoming releases will be significant, and while significant tests have been conducted on the test network, there may be issues that require resolution. Furthermore, the Lootizen interface may appear less polished than the usual standards, but these will be refined. It was necessary to release the functionalities first and address Lootizeninterfaces later. As we shift the focus of our ecosystem, we ask for your patience during this time.

For detailed information about the evolution of the Lootverse project, please refer to the Lootverse 2022 document below. The document provides a deep dive into the mechanics of the Lootverse ecosystem for those who do not mind complexity. It is not meant to be a light paper or an elevator pitch. Please note that the document is still in consultative draft form, and we expect to release it in final form on or about February 1, 2022.

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