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Notice 27 | Lootversian Levy On Trades of LTT, $LTT

The Lootverse Levy (LL) receives a flat percentage on prescribed economic activity and interaction in Lootverse. This is redirected for the benefit of the ecosystem as set out in the Lootversian Levy Code.

A new addendum is provided for the Lootversian Levy on sales of $LTT and in-world LTT by their holders on in-world exchanges as follows (this only apply to the sell side, not for LTT purchases):

Table of fees taken for sell orders only based on the listed sales price at the time an order executes. Cr. refers to Credits and LTT refers to the Loot Ticket.

These bands may be varied by a motion of parliament. This Levy on sales of $LTT and in-world LTT are burned (permanently retired from the ecosystem).

Note that the above is in addition to any exchange provider fees. Anyone opening an in-world exchange shall be required to abide by the same requirement Lootversian Levy requirement.

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