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2 min readOct 27, 2021

A few things are changing in the arena with the introduction of the hard cap functionality in Loot Arena, together with some penalties introduced for a fairer game. The following information will be available in the information box (right of the Battle Pit) at the next auctions starting Sunday.

  1. Information Box

Miners in Auction refer to the number of participants in an auction.

BUN Allocated refers to the number of BUN miners have allocated to an auction at the time.

Total Auction Cap refers to the sum of the remaining caps of all participants at the auction. Each participant can only bid up until the capped amount. For no-limit auctions, the standard cap can be raised once only. For hard cap auctions, the standard cap cannot be raised.

LTT Burned refers to the sum of LTT burned by participants to raise their cap in no-limit auctions.

Active Bid Bots refer to the number of active bid bots in the auction at the time.

Bid Bots Available Balance refers to the allocated balance of participants bidding with bots at the time. Turning on bid bots discloses the allocated bid balance of participants. Allocated balances can change (i.e., participants may clear and reallocate) and are not the same as a participants’ hard caps (i.e., the balance of the total cap amount a participant can bid at auction).

Penalty Box information is as follows:
(i) Participants that attempt to bid multiple times consecutively (spamming) as recorded by our servers — (we consider more than three in a row to be spamming, and members are flagged at each of these instances. For three instances of consecutive bidding, they will be placed in the penalty box)
(ii) Participants that bid in the last three seconds of an auction as recorded by our servers, will have their usernames listed together with their allocated balances and hard cap information for the auction duration.

Penalty information will be displayed as follows:
@username — Allocated Balance, Hard Cap, Cap Raised (Yes/No)

This information will stay public for the duration of the auction.

2. Join Auction Fee

After reviewing our analytics, we have decided to shorten the time at which the paywall doubles from every hour to every 20 minutes. This means that the auctions will lock up after 4 hours.


The hard cap, the penalty box, and the join auction fee doubling time will change the dynamics of the game; it is also an experiment (we may amend these after receiving feedback). Please remember that spamming the arena with bids is considered an attack; for serious cases, we may lock out a user from accessing the site for a period of time.

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