Our partners: The blood vessels of Loot NFT

Melanie kondo
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4 min readJun 23, 2021


One of the key components of NeoWorlder is its partners. NeoWorlder’s partners facilitate the creator’s journey to the auction platform. The partners are responsible for ensuring the validity of a creator’s work and deeming it suitable to list in the Arena for auction. Fundamentally, the partners act as the thoroughfare for NeoWorlder and the artists. We currently have 8 partner seats on the platform, of which most are deeply rooted in the technology field, which makes their contribution to the Loot initiative more valuable and we foresee outstanding achievements ahead with our current partners, who we also refer to as our agents/artist-curators. We want to introduce you to our partners, Aya Trades and 4IR Transformers founders.

Ishant Ayadassen: Co-founder and CEO of Aya Trades

Ishant Ayadassen is the CEO of Aya Trades, which is the ultimate solution for those considering venturing into the world of trading and general investments. They offer prospective investors and traders materials and resources to ease their access to the relevant sectors. Aya Trades offers long-term value. Ishant is passionate about educating others and sharing his expertise in ways that could potentially elevate sectors. Ishant is also the co-founder and co-CEO of Afreeca Invest, a self-directed, commission-free stock trading platform for Africans. It comes as no surprise that Ishant has his hands full when it comes to business, but one can truly appreciate his passion for educating others. His expertise in various fields, such as entrepreneurship, economics, finance, and psychology, has enabled him to contribute great value to all his ventures.

Ishant recalls when James pitched the idea of NeoWorlder to him. He describes the idea as being so innovative that he needed time to digest it even though he was instantly on board. An idea of such great magnitude truly needed a moment. The fact that the concept of NeoWorlder encompasses many moving parts makes it even more worthwhile to hop on board and be a part of such a wonderful evolution. The conceptualization of NeoWorlder inspired Ishant to write a book about NeoWorlder titled, “ Become a Legend: The NeoWorlder Super Player and Trader Guide. He is deeply involved in all components of the NeoWorlder system and looks forward to the journey ahead.

Ishant has assumed the position of the Chief Game Advisor for the NeoWorlder team. He has fit comfortably into his role and is an asset to the team. As a partner, he mainly focuses on curating creations for NeoWorlder. Ishant has seen beyond NeoWorlder’s function. He also appreciates the value that NeoWorlder offers all its stakeholders, specifically the creators and the platform’s members. He sees this as a doorway to new business practices. The idea alone is so radical that it rebels against what is normal in the corporate world.

Jailesh Raggoo: Founder of 4IR Transformers

4IR Transformers is a subsidiary of J+E Digital (Incorporated in 2019), based in the paradise island of Mauritius. It is a strategic design thinking and innovation-driven digital company specializing in sales & partnerships in Africa & Asia. It aims to help all clients maximize the benefits of the 4th Industrial Revolution. 4IR Transformers’ client list includes governments, charities, parastatal bodies, leading companies, start-ups, civil society, and entrepreneurs. A culture of collaboration shapes all of their work. 4IR Transformers’ partnerships ignite sustainable change, growth, and success. The company co-designs solutions with their clients to generate leads for conversion into sales.

4IR Transformers believes that the use of NFTs to co-modify digital assets such as art, music, and other entertainment forms is just starting. 4IR Transformers considers NeoWorlder to be a pioneer in a revamped corporate structure. They consider it an immense privilege to be part of this great journey with NeoWorlder. 4IR Transformers believes that by using NFTs, artists will be assisted with their rights of ownership and benefit from a rapidly growing digital medium. Their mission in this partnership is to bring the finest unknown talents from both Africa and India to the platform.

Founder, Jailesh Raggoo is thrilled to be part of this revolution. His mantra is, “if you don’t innovate you evaporate.”

4IR Transformers is steadfast in its plans to represent the creators and enable them to build a sustainable brand through increased awareness while earning revenue simultaneously. They plan on assisting the process by providing the prospective creators with all the necessary conditions and requirements of the auction, and will diligently assess the artist’s work, ensuring it is suitable to stand the auction. This is a difficult task that requires a lot of precision, but 4IR Transformers is prepared to deliver the best, most authentic artwork, ensuring the maximum value is provided to all parties participating in NeoWorlder. Jailesh believes that success occurs when barriers are broken; this mindset sets the direction in NeoWorlder’s journey.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are the epitome of radical innovation in the technology sector. As a venture of this innovation, NeoWorlder has ensured that the most competent partners were involved to deliver a unique and authentic experience. The partners share similar traits in that they are all highly experienced and well equipped to take on the fast-changing market which is technology, and more precisely NFTs, and this deems them as a significant asset to NeoWorlder. Their enthusiasm and ability to appreciate the value offered by NeoWorlder in current and future sectors make them valuable to NeoWorlder and the tech field.