Satoshi’s Lounge: E-commerce like you’ve never seen it!

Melanie kondo
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2 min readDec 14, 2021


E-commerce has been around for over 40 years, revolutionizing the way businesses operate by enabling them to reach customers from around the world through online stores. As a result, consumers have shifted towards online shopping due to the convenience, variety, and faster shopping experience it offers.

NeoWorlder has taken e-commerce to a new level by providing a unique virtual shopping experience that enables users to remotely shop for real land in a parallel world through our virtual store, Satoshi’s Lounge. Unlike traditional e-commerce stores, Satoshi’s Lounge is different in the following ways:

Offers Land in Lootverse and limited-edition items or one-of-a-kind products and services that are not found anywhere else. The Lounge has two types of items:
a. Items that can be used in Lootverse, such as widgets and accessories for plot improvements.
b. Digital and physical products and services that can be shipped to the user’s physical address.

The store is 100% crypto. All products and services are sold in Tickets, and no other currency is accepted. TIX can be mined at the Arena or purchased at Satoshi’s Lounge (coming soon).

All Satoshi’s Lounge items are put on auction for 24 hours. Auctions are time-based, and only the winner pays for the item. Bidders can either type in the amount of TIX they wish to bid or choose from a preset amount of TIX when bidding. Any bid made in the last 30 seconds of the auction sets the timer back by another 30 seconds.

Satoshi’s Lounge provides a new dimension to e-commerce by offering users a unique shopping experience through the use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. By allowing users to purchase land in Lootverse and other exclusive items, Satoshi’s Lounge serves as an innovative platform that merges e-commerce with the world of gaming. It creates a new revenue stream for businesses, while providing users with a new way to experience shopping online.